07 December 2006

mama.......the bz bee

Things are getting pretty frenzied, but im still coping. 24hr a day seems shorter than before, but im still grateful i get enough sleep every night. Most importantly, i sometimes do feel like a superwoman, running here and there, doing this and that, and still everything falls back to its place, intact (ade nada perasan sket hehehe).

My normal days are tight with office work and assignments. Weekends are jam-packed with classes, survey things for our new house, making appointments with ppl, etc. Like last sunday, from morning till afternoon i was in class, rushing back home to perform solat and had lunch, then took the two men of the house out for a few appointments, went to kamdar to get curtains, and our last destination was tesco, for dinner. Despite the clock ticked 10 already, we noticed idlan are all energized, no sign of sleepy whatsoever. I know he was happy, happy for we brought him out to shopping complex, happy for he had time to spent with the both of us (.......and happy dpt mkn chicken rice, his ferevet :p). Back home, i was flat already, but satisfied. Satisfied for being able to accomplish so many things in a day. Sbb tu perasan superwoman haha

Exam is nearer, assignments are 60% done, cuma buku je tak penah bukak baca lagi huhuhu.

Idlan will turn two y-o in 3 days. Im glad he is healthy, his appetite shows great improvement, his feveret are no doubt mushroom soup with garlic bread and chicken rice, he doesnt like ice cream, he eats choc but not so often, he weighs more than 12kg i think, and the outstanding one, he can pronounce his name already!

"ni Iyan punyer, ni topi Iyan, chair Iyan"...etc. Even tho ade pelat sket but still im proud of him.

and the most funny part......he now says

"mama...mama...jom JJ!" .......repeatedly.

if i asked him, where are we going? definitely his answer is JJ! looks like he's a big fan of JJ (lucky our new house dekat ngan JJ baru tuh :p) He can even spot the JJ signboard from distance...nampak gaya mama n abah dah salah ajaran.
Kesimpulannya, semua shopping complex jadi JJ, be it tesco ke ikea ke ape sajelah JJ je yg ade dlm kamus dia.

Hobi dia, lari laju kiri kanan dlm shopping complex & turun naik escalator...mmg mencabar keimanan kami berdua.

Still obsess with mr incredibles, he watches the movie 4-5x on average per day.

On another story, finally we've placed confirmation for grill and kc. The wiring men are doing their works now, and soon few other person will start doing the concrete top. We targeted to move before end of jan, hope that will materialize and the 'busy'ness that i have now will ceased slowly.

oh i just love my life......:)


ummi said...

oh, you're back!
jom singgah rumah kalau pegi jj balakong tu. naik skit bukit tu, turn left. meh kita tengok zarid ke yati yang pindah dulu nanti nih..

mak ude said...

wahh ..idlan dh buleh ckp dh?..dia pandai buat'geram' lagi tak..mak kata, haikal pon dh pandai buat 'geram' dh. idlan's card on the way..sorry no incredibles tho..dh crk..tp x jumpe kad die.

myjulieyana said...

waduh bestnyer yati nak masuk rumah baru.. kita masih kena simpan angan2 sampai hujung tahun depan.. jgn lupa buat housewarming kay?

yatipruzz said...

ude, idlan jarang buat geram dah, tp dia suke buat gaya superhero/ultraman/superman...dia akan sebut "men mennnnn" sambil tgn beraksi and kaki kangkang luas hoho.

k.tie, insya allah bila sumer dah setel kami akan jln2 ke jj baru n singgah umah akak berkenalan ngan kakak n iman.

julie- housewarming definitely insya allah...:)

mardhiah12 said...

housewarming buat jgn clash dgn timing kelas aku ek :D