08 December 2006

an advance birthday wish

Dear Idlan,

Two days ahead marks your second birthday. Three days after that will be mama and abah’s 3rd anniversary. With you around, mama and abah feel blessed; you make us complete. You were borned thru c-sect, thus mama didn’t have the chance to feel any pain prior your arrival. Nevertheless, mama’s confinement period was challenged, you refused to breastfeed, you woke up more than 3x on average, you hardly sleep after awake, and the most tiring part, mama had to wake up in advance, doing the pumping jobs at least 3x a night. Thank God mama had abah with me, so together the both of us went thru the sleepless night without fail. Despite the tiring, we knew the experience is irreplaceable. We grow to become a knowledgeable parent, and yes we were quite a fast learner :)

Time past very fast, and now you’ve become a big boy to mama and abah. You had once attacked with pneumonia when you were about 8 m-o. You have eczema and still not completely recovered from it. But don’t worry, mama and abah will continuously find ways to overcome it. Nevertheless, you grow up well and that already makes us satisfied.

Now that you can speak, you never fail to amuse us with your funny phrases and words, your superhero actions, your body language and many more. And mama has noticed, you were so over-protected on your mama don’t you? You will scold abah when abah does something to mama; abah pinched mama and you pinch him back. Oh I just love you! Hope you can protect your adik, hope you will take care the both of us when we get older.

Mama has to stop now. Since our house still not wired, and your birthday falls on Sunday, let mama wish u an advance Happy 2nd Birthday to my beloved Muhammad Idlan Farhan. Both mama and abah will always pray for your happiness, good health, good life, and most importantly, you must grow as a knowledgeable person, lead your life with Islam as your basis in whatever things you do. Semoga menjadi anak yang soleh, berjaya di dunia dan akhirat kelak.

Love always,


(nanti mama paksa abah buat another entry dedication for u ok!)


ummi said...

happy 2nd birthday little boy!
semoga membesar jadi iman, eh.. jadi anak beriman...

mardhiah12 said...

happy birthday idlan :). ingat lagi mula2 ko kawin, lpas tu tahu2 dah pregnant, lpas tu tahu2 deliver thru c-sect. kejap je masa berlalu beb

yatipruzz said...

masa mmg cepat berlalu...kejap anak dh besar, kite pon dah semakin tua huhu..

tp skang aku lagi suke masa cepat berlalu..cepat aku konvo haha

tini said...

happy birthday idlan!

myjulieyana said...

idlan, happy birthday! be a good boy ok?

yatipruzz said...

tq auntie2 sekalian. idlan mmg gud boy! sekali sekala naughty tu biasala hehe