03 November 2006

1] We just had our division jamuan Hari Raya and the line up is way much better than what we expect, ending everybody up with sleepiness when we get back to our desks. We had laksa johor, nasi beriyani with ayam and kambing, lontong, sate, nasi impit, otak-otak, lemang and super delicious rendang...not to forget fruits and cookies for dessert. Byk giler kan? I can also tapau some of the food for hubby and idlan nyeh nyehh...mmg berbaloi dgn duit yg dihulur :p

2] To Selin, Selamat Bertunang! Sori we cant make it but insya Allah kenduri nnt kami dtg!
Sapekah jejaka yg bertuah itu eh?? to Raudhah, korang jgn lupa upload gambar selin bebyk ok.
Fren's function, open houses, weekend outings - well that are amongst the things that i need to sacrifice for the next 1.8 yrs...not to mention the time i used to have with B and idlan. I just pray for the time to fly as fast as it could be and persevere till the end...bayangkan konvo anda yeye!!!

3] Good news, we heard that finally the CF is out, and now all of us is waiting for the final notice of bank payment before the developer is ready to hand out the key :) So the searching and surverying activities shall resume within this short period yess lah!

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