15 November 2006

of here and there

Im having a very good time this week around. Exam was over, the questions were much simpler than expected (B commented "ni lagi senang dr soklan degree ni "). After the exam i rushed back home, performed solat, had lunch and abah took us to a relative's open house. Met up by bro and sil, managed to catch up lots of things with my sedara of which we last met over a year ago, stuffed the already-full stomach with a nice laksa penang. Mmg puas hati! From there we went to JJ, simply to fulfill idlan's request. Jgn memain skang dia dah pandai ckp "mama abah jom jom...JJ!" The next day was more like a get-together kronis gathering at safurah and halim's house. Jumpe ramai kroni alhamdulillah...dan spt biasa acara mkn2 dan sesi bergossipan berjln dgn jayanyer :) This week there's another call for open house...dekat je ngan umah so i'll make sure to slip in to my already tight schedule.

My second module will start on this saturday, so perjuangan baru bakal bermula yeay :P The not so good thing is that idlan's nursery will be organizing a birthday bash cum concert for all the kids, also on saturday. So definitely we wont be able to turn up for the event, so unfortunate for idlan isk isk..taun lepas pon takleh attend, so as this year...sian idlan! Nanti mama and abah compensate celebrate besday idlan best2 ok!

Tomorrow me and lots of my colleagues will be having interview for the scholarship application, doakan kami berjaya ok. If not i'll end up scratching my head to find the money for my mba huhuhu

Last night i stayed up till 230am baking cookies for my husband's officemate. She asked hubby if she could order 4 jars of cookies from me and since i still have balance for all the ingredients needed, i decided to proceed. Rezeki dtg jangan ditolak hehe :) A few ppl did ask me but to go for commercial i would say NO for time being. Kudrat dan masa tidak mengizinkan..tunggula esok2 bila dah free sket. Skang ni ade empat title, isteri, ibu, employee, student...hoho tu dah cukup byk tu! Sehari ade 24jam je beb, tolak waktu tido lagi tinggal brape jer hehe

ok ok enough for now, dah 4 paragraph ni dah considered major deviant ni haha....happy working peeps!


Anonymous said...

Gud Luck yati for ur interview..heheh..takper yati, kalo tak dpt bleh kuarkan epf..at least dpt gak tlg dr guna simpanan kan..bleh try carik loan mara ker..hehe..wat loan bank ke...byk choice lagik tu..duk worry k..


yatipruzz said...

tq sue.

mara tak kasik loan dah utk master.
epf ciput je, jauh dr cukup huhu

tinggal option loan bank je ler :(

tini said...

jgn putus asa. bersusah2 dulu. insya Allah ada lah rezeki kalau untuk kebaikan kan. good luck yer!

p/s kalau buat muffin coklat bila2 nanti aku nak beli tau nyeh nyeh nyeh

yatipruzz said...

hehe tini ko kepingin giler eh muffin coklat...kalah sue yg ngidam :p