06 October 2013

my leg hurts

For the 1st time in life, i sprained my leg n it hurts badly. En suami came into assistance, he massaged the swollen part n placed a bandage. I cried like a lil tod in front of the kids that Firas laughed over me n said...org besar pon nak nangis ker! Arghhh rasa mcm nk cubit-cubit je mulut budak nihhh isk isk. He didnt laugh once...he, as a matter of fact laughed all the way until i asked hubby to put a stop on what he was doing. Mmg nakal!

p/s: Mode tak sabar nak tunggu cuti sekolah. I am not a teacher but i just need a good n long break..full.stop.

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LiTtLe^m3 said...

ouchhhh.. take care kak.. get well soon.