06 December 2013

of Firas

Geeshh my blog has been left unattended for quite some time, thanks to the never ending office workloads, i lose the energy and mood to write. I even missed doing things i used and loved to do in the past i.e. baking, baking and baking. The kitchen mixer must have been longing to whip up something and spread the love to the household :p

My dear Amir Firas in a white jubah. So innocent, pure, suci murni gitu. I couldn't stop smiling when looking at this pic, courtesy of his kindy's teacher. Last month we went to his kindy graduation day at the Jade Hills Clubhouse. He did not graduated yet, but we got the chance to see him up on the stage performing coral speaking with his other 5yo and 6yo friends. Sangat hebat mereka semua, they could remember such a long story narrated by their teachers. It was more than 5 full pages of wordings if i can recall correctly. Well even if they missed out certain sentences i still think the kids were just superb! Guru2 yg mengajar apetah lagi...mmg sangat hebat :) Anyway this yr Firas walked away with 2 piala. Hafazan surah terbaik dan bacaan Qiraati terbaik for 5yo. Alhamdulillah moga sentiasa diterangkan hati ye sayang.

okla time's up...till the nx entry ya :)

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