06 August 2013

baking for Eid

it's good to be back after a month of hibernating! harum semerbak bau nya...moga kuat nafsu nak menahan diri sampai ke pagi raya ahaksss

i'm on EL today. initially i thought of taking my raya leave starting tomorrow. but hey it's not cool being in the office while ur body mind n soul were left at home. kalau antar email pon asyik dpt out of office reply from the recipient...ohhh sgt mentensikan diri jika anda masih bekerja dont u think so? :)

i've got lot of things to settle today. done baking 2 cakes, packing some clothes, basuh baju raya n few matching shawls (omg its sooo cloudy today tlg lah kering plisss), hubby washed our sofa cover, langsir malas basuh halal jelah....n the list goes on. now tgh men strectch kan otot2 badan before i resume with cake decorating job...the part that i like most..which happen to be the most tiring task hoho

ohhh mendungnya cuaca di luar..must keep on praying! kang anak sumer glam di pg raya..mama kena pakai baju ofis jer huwarghhhh

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