20 April 2007

19th April

A few days back when a few frens of mine asked, ko pegi tak pegi tak?
I replied with confidence...tak gi, tak cuti pon!

My mind and soul (:p) is fixed with that answer...but you know, women and shopping can hardly be separated. When the actual day comes yesterday, angin tade ribut tade tetiba hati terasa nak cuti hampehsss!
Looks like i need to go for some kind of meditation to make my heart becomes more kebal and less influenced to any sort of temptation like this.

The result, i got another 4 shirts for idlan, a 3/4 pants and a nice brown pooh sandal (tapi dia takmo pakai geram takkk?). And for myself, finally i got to buy my ever dreamed handbag that i've eyed since the past 2 months nyeh nyeh..kat sogo slash 10% tapi semlm discount 30% saya amat happy! Dan disebabkan hati tak kebal saya telah menyambar 2 instead of satu :)

And here goes what i did yesterday for ummimon (sebenarnye cuti nak buat ni bukan shopping :P):

1] vanilla muffin with almond toppings

2] vanilla cuppies for kakak and iman...k.tie requested for no icing, no topping actually, but i scribbled something simple to make it look less plain...hope she doesnt mind :)


tini said...

aku dah tergelak masa meeting ngan aida die kata ko EL! nih sah2 g JJ ni. borong beg aper?

yatipruzz said...

tak niat pon tini..tetiba bgn pagi terasa nak gi :p

carlo rino color warna warni hehe