09 April 2007

My head swollen inside, and things just slipped off plan since last saturday. We were supposed to start our new subject, and when i reached the class, nobody was there, called my frens, they asked me back, tak bace email ker? klas dah postpone ke 21/4. Still ok hearing that, but when she continued, klas kite 21, 28, 5, then exam 19/5...i was like OMG...Langkawi ku!!!

Dear my beloved lecturer,
I still dont know you, never meet you, expecting to meet you on last saturday but suddenly you postpone our class. I dont mind u shifting the class to suit your schedule, but plizz la why is it has to be clashed with my plan. You've screwed up my long-awaited Langkawi weekend get away dont u realize that? there gone all my correlle, corningware, chocolates and what nods. I've booked the hotel, tell my son that we'll be staying at hotel, jump to the pool, and you know what? my son is sooo looking forward to swim with his new suit (tak beli pon lagi la :p) Warned u, i may skip the class if there is no presentation involving myself, but dont blame me, i just cant let go my langkawi plan after all the angan-angan for the past two months. And my bonus money...i've put aside RM$$$ just for the trip, and now it seems that the rezeki might eventually go to TH.

.....me so sad huhuhu


tini said...

huhuh sian nyer ko. decide betul2 kalau still nak pegi langkawi :( yeah, there goes my ordered chocolate too uwaaaa

Anonymous said...

sedihnyer..nak kena sacrifice la sket ek yati..sian yati..takpe ade rezeki kat lain tu..insyaAllah..cakap kat idlan nanti kite pi mandi pool kat tempat lain ek..:)

su dah lame nak bawak lutfi mandi pool sbb swimming suit die tu tak penah pakai masuk kolam lagik..hehe
kena tunggu adik balqis besar sikit la..


Kopi Suam said...

gi laaa gi laaa boleh akak kirim akar kayu kat beras terbakar tu..pegi yek heehh heeh

yatipruzz said...

tension kan huhu..mmg kalo lecture tak penting aku skip je klas. Aku tak cancel lg hotel, tp tak bayar lagi, kalo hotel tu baik dia tak cancel la booking aku :p

akar kayu nk buat ape kak? (igtkan time pantang je minum akar kayu hihi)