05 April 2007

of colours!

Few weeks back Abah got a free 'congkak' games courtesy of MMU for launching one of its traditional games events. Brought home the congkak, we played with Idlan at nights, but of course main tipu-tipu saje ok. What attracts us most is the colourful guli-guli, of which they look exactly like coklat Smarties tuh. Idlan is not the kind of toddler yg picking up things and tuck inside his mouth, hence we do not worry much to let him play the guli alone.

I play with him and i told him, yellow color belongs to pak su, green color is nek umi's, black is abah's, red belongs to mama, blue belongs to idlan, etc. After several repetition and practise he can now memorize the basic colours, and associated it with things surround him. He knows he's wearing a yellow shirt, mama has red pant, knows our curtain is green, so as the green wall. The pillow is white, the buai is red in colour, his power rangers watch is blue, and there are 5 power rangers with different colours. And not forgetting all trees are green!

Now we know he likes colours, apart from his hobby of singing alif, ba, ta, jim, ha, ho....(he always missed sa by the way hehe).

Does anyone has Tilmiz cd? i'll pay for the burned cd tq :)


siku|at said...

kite pun nak carik TILMIZ tuh, teruk btul nak beli tamoh.. hahahhha...

kalau dah jumpe khabarkan kepadaku ya!

yatipruzz said...

yg yati tahu aida ade...kalo semah rajin pi la umah aida mintakkan hehe

farradasmiley said...

insyallah CD mus'ab kami nak bagi semah next Monday
isyallah aku tolong minta Aida this sunday sbb nk gi lawat dia nnti
semah bleh tolong burn kan kot?
kami pon ada CD alif ba ta tapi macam tak sesuai sgt utk bebudak 2 yr

yatipruzz said...

ha tlg eh farra...sbb dulu aku penah mintak aida burnkan tilmiz..tapi tak sure dia dah burn ke belum...

kem salam aku utk aida n fahri!