09 April 2007

new addition to Hot Stove - cup cakes!

Hi frens...

Hot Stove is back with another new product in line....that is cutie Cuppies!

Suitable for birthday wish, anniversary, engagement, new born, congratulations wish, etc...you just name it and HS will design it for you to suit ur request! (but warned you, i the amateur may not be able to design complicated character hehe)

Comes in 2 set (complete with box):
16 regular cuppies - RM20
8 regular cuppies - RM11

Cup cakes flavour- vanilla
Icing frosting - buttercream

Delivery F.O.C within Klang Valley area, delivered once a week.
Order must be placed 3 days prior delivery date.
Enquiry? mail me at calx_88@yahoo.com, or buzz at my YM! calx_88

Coming out next.....blueberry cheese tart :)

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