04 August 2006


1] My little tiny note book done progressively well so far, i've practically never miss to put every single things i've spent since the beginning of week. And doing this way i can see the expenses are much more controlled than before :))
2] Idlan has recovered from the fever alhamdulillah. Hope he's stable and ok for the trip.
3] We still havent pack for the trip, thanx to the laziness. Must drag myself to start packing tonite else we might miss out something... as usual :p
4]To go to pasar mlm this evening to get some chicken, meat and vege. Not that i've become extra rajin this week but my mil,fil and sil are coming tomorrow, surely i must prepare something right?
5]To bake the chocolate cake using home-made flour mix given by my aunt long long ago (say 4-5 months back) before it reaches the expiry date :p
6] To clean and kemas all the guest rooms, can hardly remember when did the last time we cleaned up the rooms ...sigh*
7] To book a car for our trip to kundasang. A Wira already costs you about RM120, that is the cheapest i can get so far, so expensive isnt it?
8] To adjust myself for a more proper meal time, especially breakfast. And to make it compulsory to have a cup of milo/hot drink in between lunch and tea time.


puterikiut said...

yati nak pegi kundasang ek? berhati2 dgn jln kat situ..kak nieta dulu kebetulan ade member hubby dari ranau..so kitorang sewa cab ke ranau pastu dari ranau patah balik ke kundasang.. jgn lupa ke kinabalu park..cantik utk bergambar..:)

yatipruzz said...

thx kak nita..senangkan kalo ade contact, kalo idak ish mahal bebenar sewa ketanyer

aidura sofiee said...

if you visit kundasang, kinabalu park is a must. selain tu, kolam air panas poring. klu ada xtra time boleh gi visit kundasang rose park, kebun sayur2an [tanah tinggi] kundasang. jgn lupa bawa kamera or video cam utk merakamkan saat2 indah di sana :D

enjoy ur vacation...

aidura_sofiee said...

opppsss forgot to mention the perkasa hotel and the TM sri intan kundasang 2 U.

menikmati keindahan gunung kinabalu dan matahari terbenam sgt mengasyikkan di sana.

mardhiah12 said...

berapa lama pergi? enjoy la puas2 dulu sebelum start study balik..huhu...dgr cerita scholarship, 3 bulan baru tahu keputusan