22 October 2015

Food preparation for vacation

This is the part that i liked most when planning for a vacation, that is listing out our family's daily menu (apart from discussing with the girls what jacket to wear so that we can look good in front of camera hiks). I don't even mind updating the list every single day, unlike reviewing an itinerary which is the most tedious, challenging, and takes up lots of reading and blog hoping.

Orang Melayu, tekak harus Melayu. Hence you can still able to enjoy Malay dishes when you are thousand of miles away from home country. Janji tahu apa nak bawa, setel! Nevertheless this time around cooking will take some extra time as i also need to prep for Irfan's. Susah jugak bila pk, especially bila takde blender. Everything has to be mashed (ok masher yg pendek belum beli!). We already bought a La Gourmet food thermos jar which should be able to retain heat for up to 12 hours (tested & verified at home, lega!). We'll be on the road and outside most of the time, morning till evening, hence dinner for him will be on the go, not at hotel. Hopefully mama istiqamah nak bgn awal masak pepagi (dahla nek umi takde kali nih uwaaa), silap haribulan mengharapkan Heinz packed puree je karang isk isk.

ok i shall update more on our prep in our next next entry...till then~

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