30 October 2015

Coping with Laryngomalacia...a special message to LM mommies

Dear mommies,

I know how's the feeling when we have to go through series of endless nights.

I know most of us are sleep deprived,  becomes a zombie at daytime, while still needs to juggle with cooking, laundry, attending to our other kids, and whatnots.

I can totally relate when your baby wakes up, screaming in pain in the middle of the night because of the reflux spell.

I can really understand when feeding solids takes a lot of time and patience.

I can understand the feeling of fright, anxiety, panic and worry, all the times, whenever we see our baby chokes during feeding and mealtimes.

I know we all hate viruses, because that could means another ER visit, ICU, or a long hospital stay for our fragile lm baby.

I know how people can get mistaken and misjudged lm, as lm is not just a noisy breathing. LM for most of us could also means failure to thrive, bad reflux, developmental delays, speech delay, feeding issues and so many other problems, which at times we wish not to think about it.

I know how anxious we are during each follow up appointment, wanting to know whether there's any substantial weight gain with our lm baby.

I know it hurts a lot when the doctors and professionals shrug us off, making that mocking face and just refuse to listen to our opinions.

But dear mommies,

Remember that you are not alone walking in this path. Believe in yourself that all these shall pass, and there will be lights at the end of the day. That day will eventually come, sooner or later, God Will.

Our child is a fighter, so do us their mommies. Keep fighting, be persevere.  You are your child's advocate. Do not let other people belittle you. Always listen to your instinct. No one knows better about your child than you, their mothers.

We never know what we'll go through the next day or months after, but we just need to move on. Lets take one day at a time, a meaningful advice from a dear husband, which i shall always remember and keep in mind.

Best of luck to me, and all of you, strong malacia moms! You are not alone :)

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