27 October 2015

Of currency exchange

Despite Ringgit continues to become weaker mostly against any other currencies, i accidentally has just profited from my previous hotel deal.

Booked a hotel at Aud189 few mths ago at 2.87 exch rate, cancelled the hotel yesterday, and got full refund via my cc for an extra of RM15 at the bank's rate of 2.95, despite the current selling price of 3.11.

In short, jgn risau kalau terlebih tukar duit byk kengkawan. Habis holiday nanti kita doalah RM makin jatuh haha. Lagi satu, nampak tak guna cc lagi untung dari bayar cash? So apa lagi, jom srettt srettt je nanti kat sana!

Thanks Space Hotel for your prompt action. Never expect to see the money been credited within a day. Excellent!

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