13 December 2015

We are 12 today

The 1st half of this year was the most difficult moments i've been thru. But he was there for me, all the time. I cried, i almost fainted, i lost hope, i was not a mother, a wife or a person that ppl used to know me. But he kept me persevere, assured me things would be fine, though he wasn't sure what awaits us in the future. I could hv never gain myself back without him, on my side. He is the best father, son, son in law, and of course husband that Allah has granted to our family. Moga sihat selalu, dan sayang kami selamanya. Terima kasih terima kite seadanya. Luv u till Jannah. Ucapan terakhir dr kite, tlglah cepat siapkan phd!

We are 12 today. Terima kasih Ya Allah. Alhamdulillah. We may not be rich, but i am definitely the richest person in this world for having wonderful person surrounding my everyday's lives.

*mujur bole copy paste dr fb je hikss

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