22 December 2015

Mybuddies Run @ Cyberjaya

I made it yeay (5km je, jangan gelak!) Though the timing was out, its the end result that counts right haha. In fact one of its banner says "we run to complete, not to compete "

Anyway this is one of the many things that i've wanted to do most when i was pregnant with Irfan. I'm not sure why, probably all the running hypes and pictures of ppl looking cool in their running attires that sparked my intention.

To be honest, I didnt get the chance to practise enough. Only twice before the event, and of course those were the only times i exercised after 2yrs! Badan berat and lemau toksah cakapla hihi. To make things worst, i had migrain during the event because irfan was sick and went cranky the night before, he woke up every less than an hr going merengek2 but refused to feed :(

Post-run, i told Idlan that we should do this more often. It wasnt as bad as i had imagined. But lets just stay at 5km-7km only shall we? And night run is preferable, so that i dont get my head being exposed to sun and later causes migrain huhu

Frankly that day, we walked more than we ran. The moment you start walking, you just tend to keep on walking instead of running haha. I told Idlan to just leave me behind if he wants to, but this guy always decided to pace-walk with me..haish x memberikan example yg baik utk mama tau!

Running was fun i must say. In fact i know people were really enjoying their times, especially those running with their families. Kuddos to those that run while pushing the strollers, and few others that carry their babies in baby carriers. Kagum sangat!

So running - checked.

There're a lot more awaiting. Antaranya #demirinjani  #beranganitufree hahaha

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