09 December 2015

Next action - prepare the itinerary and book the accomodations

The toughest n most challenging part in any vacation is drafting the itinerary. It took months before we can finalize our iti, and yet there were still changes few days before the travel date.

Our iti was mostly based on references made fr the official nz/oz site, bloggers, n cari forum. I said 'our' because it was a shared iti, based on shared input fr the NZ gals (it was our whatsapp group name involving the girls only). I sometimes referred to trip advisor for certain attractions, just to get ideas whether those places are worth going/paying or not.

Once we came out with a solid iti, we then started hunting for accomodations. All of my hotels were booked fr booking.com, simply because of its 'free cancellation' policy. As such, we can always change and cancel our hotel as n when there are changes to our iti, which happened so many times with lots of version n options haha

Pls book early if u want to enjoy good prices. I started doing the reservation somewhere early this yr, however i cancelled all the bookings when Irfan was warded in the hospital and going to NZ seems to stay as a dream only.

Nevertheless, Allah is the best of planner. When Irfan's condition seems to be improving, i started to put hopes n envisioned us, going to nz.

So in late July-August, i rebooked all the accomodations, again. All the hotel prices have increased quite a lot fr the 1st time i made the booking. Pasrah jela. The fact that we made it to the trip is good enough already, alhamdulillah.

So where did we stay in Mel and NZ and how much did it costs us?

Till my nx entry, stay tuned peeps.

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