09 December 2015

Cheap tickets to New Zealand

First n foremost, our trip is called a budget trip. Hence as budget travellers, opting for a direct flight to Auckland via MAS is a big no-no for the 6 of us (2 adults, 3 kids, 1 infant).

We bought our tickets on Nov last yr during AA free seats promo (see as budget travellers we also need to wait for a year to materialize our dream! Bertabahlaaa). We chose to transit via Melbourne, Australia for 1 day before taking the next flight to Christchurch (CHC). Alternatively you can also opt to transit at Gold Coast/Sydney/Perth, whichever is giving you the best promo price :)

Our ticket for Kul-Mel is as below:

Ticket for 5pax - RM687/pax (incl processing fees of RM80)
Infant tix return - RM250
Luggage 30kg return - RM258
Meals for 5pax - RM75
*flight duration: approx 8hrs

Once our tix for Mel is secured, the hunting for a connecting flight to NZ begins! I subscribed to Jetstar and its price watch, so that i'll be keep updated with its promo. Jetstar always has promo on Friday, so on one fine Friday somewhere in Feb 2015 we grabbed a cheap tix for Mel-Chc at Aud195/pax. Infant tix is foc :) 1 month before the travelling date i bought the luggage. Flight duration is 3hrs++.

Tips: pls buy the luggage when u book the tix as it is cheaper than buying it later. Lesson learnt for me :(

Summary for the all-in tix Kul-Mel-Chc-Mel-Kul as below:

Kul-Mel return: Rm3435.29
Infant tix AA: Rm250
AA luggage 30kg return : Rm258
AA meals 5 pax : Rm75
Mel-Chc return: Aud977.20
Luggage 30kg return: Aud154

* I didnt buy seats for both AA and Jetstar, and we were lucky to be seated in 1 row for all flights :) For ref AA seat selection is rm39, jetstar Aud5. Giler mahal AA kan!

Total tix for 6 of us = RM7353.15

Super cheap isnt it :)

Now go n sign up for AA and Jetstar member. For those travelling outside the school holidays, am sure u can catch a better bargain for both flights. Untung la korang yg single2 tuh :)

Oh another thing, Jetstar is also a budget airline. If u're looking for comfort n wants to travel in style, jetstar is definitely not for u. Anyway, AA is way better than Jetstar. Jetstar is super sempit, sape2 yg tinggi sgt tu mahu cramp kaki sepjg flight haha. Other flights option to NZ are Air NewZealand (kul-auckland via MAS -queenstown), China Airlines, and many others which i couldnt recall.


Gina said...

Nanti update lagi ek on travel itinerary =)

yatiscloset said...

Tu part paling haru haha

yours_truly said...

AI New Zealand budget ke?

yours_truly said...


yatiscloset said...

Yes considered budget as well :)

yatiscloset said...

Yes considered budget as well :)

yatiscloset said...

Silap. Dia national flag carrier tp ramai org dpt tix murah bole beat jetstar kalo dr Auckland-Queenstown. Tu info forum la korng sure lg arif kot hehe