12 December 2015

Day 2: Great Ocean Road (GOR) - Mel CBD

Our routes for today: 
Port Campbell - Melbourne airport via coastal route along the GOR
The route is longer than the inland scenic route via Colac, a little bit winding and buat members pening kepala but the view along the GOR is really breathtaking. Memang tak boleh bawak laju, so kuar awal pagi, lewat ptg baru sampai Mel CBD padahal tak sampai 300km pun.

Pit stops:
Port Campbell - London Arch (formerly London Bridge) - few other scenic spot in PC which i forgot to jot down their names - Apollo Bay - Aireys Inlet park - Split Point Lighthouse - return car rental at Apex office - Melbourne Tullamarine Airport

Brekkie: Nasi goreng Adabi
Lunch: Nasi putih + kari ayam yeos @ Apollo Bay
Dinner: Nandos, Melbourne Airport

We couldn't find koala at the Kennett River. Pasrah jela, dulu dah penah jumpa koala kat Perth kan :)
Nevertheless we spotted 4 wild kangaroos at the Aireys Inlet playground area.

21 Nov 2015 @ 00:15 - took our connecting flight to CHC via Jetstar Airways.

Ok dah malas nk tulis panjang2...layan gambar jela yer :)

Summers Rest Unit, PC

Port Campbell

London Arch (formerly London Bridge before it collapsed)

Apollo Bay

Split Point Lighthouse


asmasalleh said...

Haaa.. Dah start pendek dah.. Kikikik

yatiscloset said...

Haha byk benda lg penting kena buat kiki

yatiscloset said...

Haha byk benda lg penting kena buat kiki

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