17 January 2016

Irfan Faris..2wks to 1yr old

My shepett. 2 wks to 1yr old. He took 2-3 steps for the past few days, quite too soon to ppl who had known about his past. He only rolled over at 7m+, after 3mths being in a hospital, and undergone 2 surgeries. The doctors kept on telling us, ur son gonna hv some delays in his milestones. He was arranged for OT and PT right after discharged, not to mention frequent f/up with all of his attending doctors; ENT, Paed & Paed Surgeon. Our schedules were tight, really tight i must say (thank God he hates the therapist, so we ended up doing the exercise at home ourselves). I've never thought i would be able to come back to work, looking at his condition that time. Sometimes we think that this is the best for us, but Allah knows best above all. Have faith in Him, and move on. Easier said than done, i know. I feel you. You are not alone. Stay strong mommies. This shall pass, i promise.

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