22 January 2016


Never thought that i would venture into this line of business. Honest speak, the idea never occurred to my mind at all.

Anyway, things started when i came back to the office, sharing and exchanging stories about our babies with a dear friend cum office-mate of mine. In 2014, we talked about our pregnancies, as hers and mine were pretty close. 2015, i was away from everyone, but we still contacted each other thru Whatsapp, once in a while, just to have a short catching up about each other n of course, our little ones. So now in 2016, we talked about baby foods, what do we feed our babies and whatnots and how she once ordered frozen solids from an IG but unfortunately sweety R didnt like it. So the next day i brought some solid food that i made for Irfan, for her to offer to R. Well some babies just happen to be a fussy eater, so we mothers need to keep on trying to figure out what are the foods that they love, and what foods to avoid. Some babies love sweet potato, some just hate it. As for Irfan, ohh this little guy always mesmerizes me with his big appetite. He basically eats everything, almost everything that we offer him. Broccoli, sweet potato, chicken, salmon, celery, carrot, apple, pear, potato, onion n lots more u just name it. Even a plain natural yogurt that is so 'masam' pun dia layan!  Alhamdulillah :)

So to cut it short, i had launched #teenytummy, which currently offers 5 different menu in its starter pack for 8+mth babies. Those are basically the extras that i made for Irfan. Those are basically some of the many variations that i had tested on Irfan, and of course he loves it. This so-called 'passion-turned-into-small-biz' is not aiming at big scale. I just hope that it could at least ease some of the working and busy mommies who just wants to give the best to their babies. Of course fresh home-cooked meal and air tangan ibu are always the best, this is the fact that i believe everyone will agree :) I don't know how long i will survive with #teenytummy, because time will always be my constraint, especially on weekends. My weekends are seriously super duper pack with endless chores, some more 2016 is a big year for my eldest guy. May Allah eases our day, and i just hope whatever i do and share will bring some benefits to other humankind.

May tomorrow is better than yesterday. Have a bless Friday peeps!

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