08 January 2016

Irfan @ 11.4mo

We went to see Prof Anura and Dr Anand (i.e. Prof Raman's right hand man, Prof Raman was the head surgeon for Irfan's second op last time) for his usual f/up apmt today. A scope done in Prof's office showed Irfan's larynx looks good, no inflammation whatsoever (this guy as expected cried his heart out during the scope even though the procedure wont hurt, so drama swasta kejap tadi).

So Dr Anand has scheduled for the surgery to be on 2nd March. That's the earliest he can slot in for Irfan and we're ok with that. To admit to ward a day earlier. He assured that this is going to be a minor one, first case in the morning, no bleeding, fast recovery, and probably he will get to be discharged within the same week. Now i have to allocate at least 4 days of annual leave for the hospital stay. Cuti agak semput this year since i dont have any carry forward from last year, kena berjimat cermat until the year end ahaks. We have to ensure that Irfan is fit and healthy a week before the op, no fever, batuk or sesema whatsoever, else the anesthetist won't give the green light for the op to proceed. May Allah eases everything for all of us...amin.

Irfan's current weight is 7.4+kg (1.2% percentile) and 75 cm length (50%). Obviously this little guy inherits my genes on the weight section haha

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