02 January 2016

#throwback 2015

2015 has been a challenging year, for our family. Things that happened has really become an eye-opener, for me and hubs. It was a long journey, a rollercoaster ride, moments that i wish i can write them off of my mind.

It all began in March.

12th March - Irfan was first diagnosed with Laryngomalacia. A severe one.
31st March - his first op. 3 weeks in PICU. Continuously on breathing machine and NG tube for feeding. He was then transferred to a normal ward. My already hectic life turned into nightmares. Sleep-deprivation, mentally and physically exhausted. I looked far worst than a bibik so to speak.
Early June - his 2nd op.
End June - He finally discharged from PPUM, after a 3-mth hospital stay. Our most dreadest moments in life..so far.

and the rest is history.

I don't wish to recap the details, as reminiscing all those moments are really painful. It brings tears to my eyes, each time the memory kicks in. It brings tears to my eyes, each time i accidentally flip the old pictures of him, wearing that oxygen mask, that feeding tube, all those wires around his body, etc. And because of that i don't dare reading my old blog entries, mostly written when i was in hospital, with him.

Those are the past, and now he is thriving well, though not 100% fully outgrow his LM. He still has another 1 minor op awaiting, soon.

I am leaving everything to Allah. For He is the best of planner, not matter how perfect our plan is.
I need to be positive, remain strong, and have faith in Him, always believing that whatever happen is the best that Allah has planned and arranged for us. Insya Allah.

On the other note, 2015 has been a great year for us as well. Idlan and Firas ended their schooling years pretty well, and we made it to NZ, yeay!

I hope 2015 has been a good year for you guys as well.
and lets strive for a better year in 2016...amin.

opss my #throwback is pretty short don't u think?
well some things are better kept to ourselves.

After 3 mths of maternity leave, followed with a 7-mth unpaid leave, i am nervous about going back into office this Monday. Now where did i throw my mouse?????

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