31 July 2007

It’s already half of the journey and it gets tougher as time passed by. This time it’s Decision Analysis, and it drives all of us crazy…not understand what’ve been taught is 1st thing, stuck at dead end with the assignment Q is 2nd thing…and the ultimate will be next week, that is our final..my oh my. I can see my level of cuakness increases by then, yet I still have time...i hope…at least to grasp the concept pon jadiklah :p

The 1st assignment, my group mates and me stuck and couldn’t even reach the first level, and so do the rest. Hence 4 heads in one group combined into 20 heads with 4 groups, hoping the synergy would yield something…tapi gagal sumernyer haha. When we finally have the courage to raise our problem to Prof, cuba teka ape dia jawab?

“……oh I’m sorry it’s my mistakes for not teaching u guys on this…just leave it there halfway and proceed to the rest…”

Imagine how we felt upon hearing that…penat!

I just hope to get B…yes at least B! And after this I ONLY have another 7 papers to go…yeszaaaa :)

p/s: minggu depan umur bertambah setahun, pruzz plak ade konvo, examku baru abis.....wahh ade byk event dan alasan best utk beli indulgence seketul besar dan pergi release tension di ikea :p

18 July 2007

the 9th july

Well im back…for a quick 5-7 minutes for blog updates :p Am now in my hubby’s office, being here just for the internet connection for my online tutorial class at 8pm, only now to find out the session has to be postponed to tomorrow….geram giler!

To those who had received the news, thanks for the smses, wishes, etc…to those who still didn’t know, am really sorry for not telling you all…jgnla kecik hati, it’s not something that is nice and sweet to be disseminated around, hence justified my reason for keeping it secret and disclosed only to certain person. Even none of my classmates knew about it, I attended class as usual (walaupun on mc hehe), acted the normal way I used to.

Am all ok now, mental-wise am back to my normal self..in fact I was more than prepared before the doc confirmed it verbally. Partly due to the mother’s instinct I’d say. Was more calm than my hubby at that time…really…that’s the good thing about not being too optimistic and positive…at times you may need to spare some negative thoughts in your mind to prepare for the future :)

Just got back from kelantan actually, we received news that my grandma was in bad condition, she collapsed and totally unconscious, and the moment they were saying that we may not have time to see her, air mata dah bergelen-gelen turun. To make thing worst, my parents were in Indonesia, unreachable. So me, hubby and idlan hurriedly went back to kelantan, by car, bcoz the earliest flight was only in the afternoon. Btw, she’s getting better now, masih pjg umur alhamdulillah. She collapsed due to lack of sugar (she over-controlled her diet, too scare to take sugary foods), and after 2 bottles of drip, she regained conscious.

Am still not 100% physically fit, the body ached all over (langsung tak sempat pantang, definitely u cannot expect to recover kan :p). Maybe because of the tiring journey, the shocking news, the missed class, and tones of assignment waiting ahead. It was a month full of challenge, yet am blessed everything is ok. I still have my supportive hubby and idlan to keep me pull through all these things…they’re my heart and soul, and there is no reason for me to be overly sad and regret for what has happened. Life goes on, next time cuba lagi hoho. Plus we still have some good things happened recently, our house small deco project is currently ongoing, my results so far very satisfying, and what’s more…hmm idlan is getting clever and semakin byk mulut! enough to keep me happy…. :) Ok am going back home now…sambung mc goyang2 kaki till the weekend jgn jeles.

p/s: to those who placed their cake orders thru email/sms, am really sorry for unable to fulfill ur orders….i may need to temporarily close my Hot Stove, and will only be back once am ready. Tq.

05 July 2007

some important recaps:

- lusa exam, pastuh cuti seminggu, pastuh terus start subject baru , kali ni kite blajar mengira balik...wohooo dah 8 thn lupakan statistics, kali ni ia dtg kembali.
- dah lama tak gi shopping, bz sgt rasa kali ni...SM mmg byk menggunakan masa, otak, dan resources ku....makanyer ahad ni kite celebrate kemerdekaan sambil shopping!
- skang every night kena main football ngan idlan...gilir2 mama dan abah, penat woo..kalo tak dilayan, dia dah pandai protes dan memberontak dan menangis...kadang kesian jugak, jadi budak terbiar sbb mama abah bz sokmo. Ayat default idlan, "mama, main ball sama-sama tak?" btw dia bukan ajak, tapi menyuruh dgn suara yg tinggi!
- idlan dah pandai pronounce "idlan" dgn jayanyer! gooood boy :)