02 January 2015

Planetarium Negara

@ 36 weeks.

Hello 2015! May this year becomes a better year for all of us, in whatever undertakings we are pursuing or wishing.

We officially kicked off our new year by having nasi lemak with fried chicken that morning, later dropped by at my father’s house to send off some nasi lemak for him (my mom and brother went away for umrah, that leaves my father alone in KL) and an hour later proceed to Planetarium Negara located in Jalan Perdana. Just like Muzium Negara, this is hubby and kids’ first visit to this place.

Entrance to the exhibition hall is free. There are scheduled shows at its theatre on an hourly basis which airing different short movies. We decided to tour the exhibition hall first and later catch the 2pm show (konon show paling menarik as recommended by the girl at the ticket counter).

The exhibition hall is not that big. You can basically complete the tour within an hour. Kids particularly enjoyed the Anti Gravity Room very much. There are sections which featured how astronauts live inside their spaceship (a toilet bowl to settle their bowel movement, a jacket which they can just slot in themselves and sleep in upright position, etc).

inside the Anti Gravity Room. Lepas keluar Abah and Idlan pening pala...sbb rasa badan pusing2 dlm tuh. Mama mmg tak masuk langsung..dah agak mesti pening pala nanti hehe

tempat tidur astronaut

ehemm...dgn abg sheikh muzaphar :)

Balai Cerap. Boleh tgk view KL..kalo malam baru cantik kots

Nek umi dah sampai Stonehenge kat UK...kami sampai Stonehenge kat KL jer la hiksss

We were done with the tour around 12.30pm, decided to stroll down the hill towards Muzium Kesenian Islam to kill our time before the 2pm show. Much to our surprise adult tix is selling at RM14! Uh uh tak jadikla masuk hoho. We passed by the Masjid Negara, bought some kebab n nuggets from the street hawkers and later climbed up the hilly path back towards the Planetarium. What a painful journey I’d say! Di tengah kepanasan, di waktu perut sarat, di waktu tgh lapar…uhh ala2 mendaki Seongsan Ilchubong pon ada malangnya cuaca panas dan kami berada di Malaysia, bukan obersea haha.

The much awaited show is just so-so. Firas dozed off few minutes after the show had started. It was very educational that I think only older kids like Idlan can appreciate it. The show explained about each planet in our solar system, which I bet Ammar didn’t understand even the gist of it hehe. The show lasted for about 40 minutes, of which myself occasionally terlelap dlm teater yg sejuk gelap tuh…mak penat ok panjat turun naik bukit tadi! Anyway tix price for the show is RM6 (adult) and RM4 (child). 

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aida said...

oh lama dah tak pergi. ok next in the list.. aku pun tgh buat jalan2 edisi jimat. thanks yati sebab bagi idea pergi muzium negara hari tu