01 March 2015

Cluster feeding and growth spurts

as early as 5 week? Like it or not this is true and am trying to 'enjoy' every minute of it!
Kellymom says it is common for newborn to hit his growth spurts at 4-6weeks and goes into cluster feeding...sigh*

So what Irfan does nowadays...nurse almost every hr at night, and continuous nursing throughout the day with a short 10-15min power nap in between..sabar sabar! I am considered lucky if his sleeping time stretch for 1 hr..which is very rare to happen. The time will pass before u knew it, must keep reciting this mantra to keep me calm...so bertabah jela yer mama!

The good side of cluster feeding, this will establish the right level of milk supply to satisfy his needs. The not so good thing abt it....it is so tiring that u practically dont hv the time to do other things other than glued to ur couch :( And the sad thing is, theres no way u can find time to express ur milk for the frozen EBM huhu. mcm susah nk capai kpi b4 masuk keje nih haishhh

ok mama..igt..this is common and not only u are experiencing it. I looked up in the forum for this topic n there was this one mommy whos son is nursing for a continuous 8hr during the day! Huish sgtla menduga iman :)


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