08 January 2017

2017 - Idlan, Form 1, time flies!

My last post was about his trial xm, and tomorrow he's going to a boarding school already, a completely different phase of life i must say! Cpt masa berlalu kan.

2016 was truly a blessed year for us the whole family. Though we didnt go for any overseas travel, Allah has bestowed us with so many great things i couldnt mentioned enough.

Idlan performed well in his upsr and psra exam, one of the best gifts he gave to us apart from being a very obedient and responsible 'abg sulung'. For this, i am very thankful to Allah for He chooses us to be the parents to this lil boy, and ofcoz to his other siblings.

Firas also ended his Year 2 in style, made way to the stage again together with Idlan. He recently told us he wanted to go to Oxford, i was like wowwww this guy knew the existence of Oxford U!!

Ammar had his kindy convo, and now in Year 1. He literally cried almost everyday n refused to enter into Kafa during the Dec's orientation that idlan n ustazah had to pull n carried him inside, but alhamdulillah no drama whatsoever on the 1st day of school last week. Lega mak!!

Irfan Faris my miracle baby is no longer a small baby. Alhamdulillah he grows well and healthy, and looks like he is completely recovered from laryngomalacia. His vocabs increases from mth to mth, i think i shouldnt worry much about his speech.

We ended 2016 with me n hubby went to perform our 1st umrah. All went well for us, and kids who were left here with nek umi and atok at Ampang for 12 days.

And finally on career side, i am now again undergo another round of job rotation, new unit new team bigger roles n responsibilities.

As i have always remind and tell myself, i was at my weakest point in 2015, but Allah has picked me up and blessed us with lots of good things in return after He tested us with Irfan's sickness. For that i must not forget Him, and must always put my faith in Him, in whatever undertakings.
I hope i can stay istiqomah in improving my relationship with Him, apart from always doing the best for my family n company.

Alhamdulillah terima kasih Ya Allah. Allahuakbar.

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