09 October 2017

GP 21 Days Fitness Challenge

Just a small effort towards a better and healthier lifestyle, so i decided to join this fitness challenge organized by another unit in my division. Not really to challenge myself or to reduce more weight, i just hope my cholesterol reading gets better, and the body fat % shows some reduction at the end of the program.

So 2 weeks had passed until it was launched. We had salsation, piloxing and tabata to date. Some were done after office hours, some during lunch hour. I noticed i need to take enough calories during lunch so that i can keep and sustain my energy level till the end of each exercise session. There was one day where i almost lost my breath and felt lack of o2 after the 1-hr piloxing session, lucky i didn't collapse haha.

Anyway, need to remember that for a balanced lifestyle it will always work at this ratio 80% eat: 20% exercise. To practice the 'eat clean' habit is easy, but to stay istiqamah like forever is the hardest, agree? I admit i fail at this part, for i cannot live without cakes and chocolates :p I can take wholemeal bread or Belvita biscuits for a week and forget about my usual nasi lemak dose, but to forgo cakes and chocolates is like to transform myself to a wholly different person altogether.

This is my body reading, for personal record.

Body weight: 51.1kg
% fat: 29.1
Visceral fat: 2
Muscle: 28.1
Body age: 32
kcal: 1147
BMI: 19.5

Body weight: 50.2kg (i think because i puasa the day before)
% fat: 28.8
Visceral fat: 2
Muscle: 28.2
Body age: 31
kcal: 1134
BMI: 19.1

 So the program will end next week, but we're going for a short holiday next week. Holiday means makan-makan and breaching your strict adherence to eating clean. Konfem takde harapan nak menang lah nih! :)

But again we also need to remember, you are what you choose to be, if you want to be happy, do what makes you happy.

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