24 August 2005

acca...the flashback :p

5.15pm - received call from Halim. The moment he screamed at my name, i can clearly imagined her joyful face and he sounded sooo and extremely terribly happy over something. I asked him "kenape happy sgt ni?" And he replied ..."teka la teka la cepatttt".

And the one and only thing that came across my mind would be of course....hmm mesti pasal ACCA nih!

So i guess.....
"ko dah pass ACCA ker Halim?"
And he said....
"A'ahhhh Yati A'aaaaahhh!!!!" (dgn teramat kuatnyer)
Then he continued...
"Yati, thanks eh selama ni support aku sume nih..."
i said...
eh aku mane ader buat pepe pon utk kau...
he replied...
ala kan kite dulu sama2 nak jadik CPA, sama2 pegi register pegi bayar sumer tuh...aku mane lupa org2 yg mula2 berjuang sesama nak amik acca nih hehe...

me: hehehe gelak je la

So there he goes...passing the ACCA means another episode of nightmare in his life is over - no more text books, tight classes and schedules, tonnes of assignments, etc etc....what a bliss! As his friend, as his ex-thesismate, as his ex-classmate, and as his ex-acca mate, of course i feel proud for him. He has gone thru one of the toughest obstacle for someone who wanted to be the CPA...though ACCA might only be the initial phase, but it was indeed a good start!

Flashing back on the old memories, i can still remember the six of us - mafus, halim, elly, rahimi, zarid and i...we all wanted to have our own big 5 accounting firm. With all of us having the CPA title, we were very sure at that time that we'll be having great success and able to build our own empire and name in the accounting arena in our country. But now, i guess the dream will just remain as a dream. It cant be turned into reality. If it can, then the partner inside the corporation definitely will change. There'll be no more myself inside there. Obviously am not qualified to be part of them. Elly? She also has decided not to pursue his acca. Zarid and rahimi..both of them successfully have completed their MBA. Hence, the dream can only be realized by Halim and Mafus, they are the only two that can be depended upon to pursue the dream.

Halim used to keep on asking me this kind of question, his favourite one actually...ko betul ke takmo amik acca yati? kalo takmo acca pon, amikla master...rugi tau yati...rugi segala ilmu2 yg ko ader dulu tuh.
And my default answer would be, ntahla halim....acca konfem takmo amik dah, master tunggu la dulu.

So here i am now, picking up calls as a call center agent, and is still learning to master in the parenthood and babies thing. Am i happy? hehe the answer is definitely YES! Regret of quitting my acca? My answer is definitely NO! :)))

To Halim and Mafus, chaiyo chaiyo chaiyo chaiyo!!!

20 August 2005

Restructuring..the second one!

We in contact center 1090 just received our new appointment letter, some were transfered out of 1090, some goes to other units under same division, and some stays. Myself stays here (sigh with relief :P) and we'll be having a major re-opt internally. If previously all of us are doing the same job of handling fault complaints from TMWS customer, now we'll be segregating ourselves according to the original plan of establishing this center - fault complaints, sales order & enquiry and billing complaints. And me if some of u can already predict, will be doing billing things after this huhuhu...

To start of with the plan, me and the other 2 colleagues sitting in the billing function will be having discussions and meetings with Finance Wholesale to identify our new tasks and activities and ways to assist finance/CMU to chase customers for collections and bad debts.....AND guess what? The first meeting of which to be held on next thursday requires me to go to the 12th floor menara telekom, meeting with the finance people...and 12th floor is used to be my old office! And i'm going to meet my former bos, and i am sooooo scared and 'segan' to meet all those my former finance colleagues...not that i loathe them or hate them, but it is merely because i used to be the 'girl', who kept on insisting and pleading my bos to go out of finance after 8 mths been there...after all the suffers i endured during the period...and ohhh god so many things had happened that finally made me to quit my acca course, and the worse thing is, the experience in finance was the one that made me hate accounting sooooo much! (but pls note that i'm proud to be an accounting grad!) And i couldn't imagine if they find out that i'm going to do billing! Billing and accounting - they are related what!!! Hish tensionnyer rasa isk iskkk :(((

Wish i dont have to see all those familiar faces that coming thursday, i wish my former bos will not be in the office that day, wish that i could change the venue, wish that i'll be on mc that day!

p/s: I think Idlan already fully recovered from his virus fever, flu, cough and seangkatan dgnnyer :) Mama and abah will be taking him to JJ this weekend yey! It's been a month since his last visit to shopping malls hehe

09 August 2005

Monday the special day!

I was cooking Idlan's porridge early in the morning when suddenly hubby came from behind giving me a kiss saying 'Heppy Birthday sayang!" Hehe sooo sweet for i myself almost forgot my own birthday. Usually every morning of previous years i will wake up in the morning eargerly telling myself ''hmmm besday aku ari nih!"....

It is wonderful realizing that God gives u the opportunity to celebrate the 'day' again this year, with all the people u loved most surrounds u. Alhamdulillah for all the gifts given by Him, a great hubby who always stay beside u, a cute and brilliant son who never fails to cheer your day, being healthy, and many many more. Words are just not enough to describe how grateful i am for all the things granted by Him all these while.

Thank u soooo much hubby for the utmost love and kindness showered in our family, thank u umi for all the loves given from the day i was borned to this world till now, thanks to all my family and frens for allowing me to be part of your life..........and to my cutie son Muhammad Idlan Farhan, MAMA LOVES U SOOOO MUCH!!!

02 August 2005

harga sebuah pengalaman & pengajaran

Hm dekat 2 minggu tak update blog, and dekat 3 minggu idlan berkabung tak sihat, dan aku hampir 2 minggu cuti tak masuk ofis jaga idlan.

1st week - idlan kena mild flu + batuk sesikit
2nd week - flu + bad cough
3rd week - demam every night, siang sihat walafiat, flu and cough dah hilang

Sepjg 3 minggu tuh, aku ngan pruz ulang alik pegi klinik, klinik biasa + specialist. Dekat 5 jenis pelbagai ubat doc prescribed utk idlan termasuk antibiotik yg rasanyer tak best tuh. Masuk 3rd week, idlan start nak muntah everytime mkn ubat...aku paham dia sure dah muak ngan ubat, nampak kitorang masukkan ubat dlm syringe dia dah start buat muka semacam...pity him i cant replace him to take the medicine, pity him for he's too small to understand the benefit and reason of having to finish all the medicines prescribed. Somestimes kitorang terpaksa skip kasik ubat tuh..tak sampai hati and kesian sesgt bila muntah, abis kuar bubur or susu yg baru dia telan. Specialist kata dia kena lung infections. Kahak dia byk, doc terpaksa kasik nebullizer. Tapi dia bagus n kuat, sepjg 15 minit kena sedut gas dia tak meronta langsung. Akak nurse pon puji Idlan,...."kalo ade 10 org baby camnih kan bagus!"

Doc kasik aku mc 4 hari, the rest aku amik EL jaga dia. Berkurung dlm rumah jer...otak aku agak buntu tapi idlan punyer pasal terpaksa berkurung jer. Start 2nd week dia dah jadik manja sbb asyik attach ngan aku je kot, goreng ayam ngan dia, masak sup sayur ngan dia..ke mana-mana ngan dia...pening pala aku but again...ape nak buat intan payung sorang jer :) Bila dia demam mlm, aku nak tido pon sometimes tak sedap hati...asyik bgn je check temperature dia..bila panas sgt tuh hati aku rasa frust sesgt, dah kasik ubat tapi still demam gak...rasa macam takmo percaya temperature nyer reading tuh!

Last sabtu and ahad mlm dia dah x demam alhamdulillah, hopefully mlm ni pon tak demam, if tak demam meaning infection dia dah betul2 hilang..if still persist, doc kata dia kena warded. Kena masukkan antibiotik thru vein plak sbb bila mkn ubat tuh tak berjaya utk membunuh kuman2 dlm badan dia...so last option is cucuk masuk jarum ubat tuh. Rasa cam nak pengsan je bila dengar doc cakap camtuh...mintak2la dijauhkan tuhan. Tak sanggup aku nak tgk dia kena warded..god help me pls.....