30 March 2007


I guess now people are busy looking out for places to go for holidays, or check out the web sites for sales, or merely completing their online transactions, transferring the money here and there. Before I forget, thanks to the company for the money, it does works as some forms of motivation and encouragement for better works in future. Despite grievances and murmurs to some people, I tell myself it’s ok if you don’t score above average in your working department. At least am far better off in other ways (ayat penyedap hati ehehehe).

I was locked in MMC for a three-days training, and yesterday was the bestest day as we completed the course for half-day only. Whether it is just our luck or merely a coincidence, the bonus payday also falls on yesterday. To cut it short, the cash outflow goes to the Sogo department and Jln TAR (Sogo sales gegiler harus pegi :p). I congratulate myself, for being able to control my nafsu and only spent about 8% of the bonus amount. I shall allocate 1/5 of it for our Langkawi trip, and some hundreds to the family members. The rest shall sit safely in my TH account. Earlier I was thinking to get a new, big, nice oven to replace the current one. However after much deliberation I don’t think I’m in a dire need of a new one. After all I don’t bake as often as I should to, having a new one will make me feel guilty if it does not operate to its full utilization scales. With the MBA class going on, plus if I get pregnant somewhere around this year, definitely the new oven will sit nicely in its nest untouched. So lets just abort the oven hunt till next yr or Raya ok. Wait until I finish my class then only can start considering seriously on the small-scale baking business.

The little guy of the house has becomes very choosy nowadays. He now choose himself on what to wear after taking bath, what to wear before going to bed, what to wear for outing, etc. Yesterday the little boy and his mama had fun trying their new outfits in front of mirror in the master bedroom (before abah coming back home hehe) And when abah knocked the door, terus bising dia announce idlan ade baju dinasour, seluar pooh, nak pakai balik kampung, nak pakai pegi langkawi, bla bla bla.... Sampai nak pakai bwk tido, mujur berjaya pujuk utk basuh dulu hehe

Back to the bonus money, how do you guys go about it? Ada yg cuti2 ke luar negara ker?

13 March 2007


He now counts 1,2,3 until 10
At times he says satu, dua, tiga ...hingga sepuluh
He can say A, B, C, D, E..but sometimes not in the correct sequence

But what amazes us, he also know alif, ba, ta...sampai ho

I was touched on the first time i heard that...
All this while I only managed to teach him 1,2,3....10
Thanks to the teachers at his nursery, they really done a good job on that!

06 March 2007

Chicken balls spaghetti with spinach

Today's spaghetti was a bit different. Since i dont have carrot or capsicum in fridge, i resorted to spinach instead. It's kinda weird putting green vege, apetah lagi spinach but honestly it tastes quite good hehe

Still need to put that considering Idlan is a big fan of vege, to be specific GREEN vege :p

05 March 2007

Weekend's activity

1] Sunday morning spent at Zoo Negara

It was great having the chance to brought idlan to the zoo, he recognizes almost every animal there, except the uncommon ones like rhynos, tapir, etc. The trip was fun yet very tiring, we walked and complete the whole compound for two hours, honestly i felt like dragging my legs to the exit gate more than once.
It was unfortunate our battery runs flat, hence we managed to snap only a few pics.
The ticket now priced at RM15/adult.

2] Im selling choc almond brownies, orders delivered once a week, usually on Monday.

loyang 10 inch x 10 inch (weight 1.4kg) - RM22

a slice of brownie costs u RM1.50