24 March 2008

Cord blood stem cells

1] I watched Nona yesterday and part of the program covers on the discovery of cord blood stem cells, believed to be able to treat certain type of diseases. It is still new in Malaysia, i think less than four private companies are currently offering the cord blood banks services. The blood is taken from the newborn's umbilical cord and placenta right after birth, courier to the blood bank and is stored for future use under certain temperature. I surfed the net just now, the blood can be used to treat a number of blood and immune-system related genetic diseases, cancers, and disorders, and also for diseases usually treated with bone marrow transplants. Some of the true cases featured by one of the private banks in Malaysia revealed the success of treating patient with thalassemia, foot ulcers, and leg been amputated due to diabetic. (Just for info, a stem cell is the one that can develops other blood types in our body, namely the red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets).

The rough cost for subscribing the service, RM800 for collecting the blood and another RM250 p/annum for the storage fee. Not sure whether there's any hidden costs involved. So anyone cares to comment? u're almost welcome. I still havent search on the ethical issues underlying the storage of this cells for transplant/usage of other people....will put up the info once i've done my reading on that.

2] Im about to enter my fifth-month of pregnancy journey, and the baby has starts wriggling here n there, producing soft movements that sometimes very hard to locate. What a nice moment.....

3] Being cheeky at certain times, Idlan will call me 'Ibu' or his abah 'Ayah' followed by his mischievous smile. He'll continue addressing us like that while pleading and asking for something. When 'ibu' does not work i'll turn into 'mummy' the minutes after :p Sangat manja sekarang dan pandai buat2 merajuk :) He eats on his own now, nevertheless i've to be extra patient during n after meal times, picking up the leftovers on the floor.

4] Exam is over, and i've determined to finish up Adam Khoo's book while the time permits. We'll see if im inspired enough as Farra, striving for a financial freedom :) But one thing for sure, we will not switch to a new sofa....definitely not NOW hehe...be frugal ok! And yes tomorrow am gonna queue in for this one blue chip shares i've aiming for since the past few weeks but am just too lazy to go to TH and withdraw the money. But hey if u dont make a move do not expect the money to be rolling over in front of ur eyes like a magic :p You're no way a Copperfield arent u?

.............last but not least, am also determine to stock up the freezer with karipap and popia frozen, my hubby's favourite (off-topic sket :p) while having this 2-week holiday break!

17 March 2008

Had a blast fun last week...took off since Thursday to settle our home refinancing thingy with the co, hanging around at jusco nearby to look out for the sales extravaganza, and settled back home with 2 flat sandals (tq abah muah muahss) and some clothes for the anak bujang. Now i can comfortably walk to the office without hearing my officemate scolding for my high heels :p

Friday was spent from morning till evening at Midvalley (obviously we left idlan at nursery :). Continue look around for this and that, even tho i had no specific things to buy in mind actually. Just a personal treat to myself selepas penat bekerja dan belajar (baju sket, kasut sket, baju idlan)....alhamdulillah, thanks to my co for the fat bonus (tho the money hasnt comes in hand yet:). Tapi nama je personal treat, back at home i realized majority of the items bought again goes to the anak teruna. Back to the bonus, i've allocated about 20% of it for my family, that inclusive of jln2 mkn angin to langkawi this coming june. The rest i'll just park to TH since i have no other things to buy at the moment. Penat pk nak beli ape tapi dah takder benda...hmm might as well simpan jela kan...nak beli breast pump terlalu awal sgt plak hehe...nak shop for adik baby pon still too early, nak tukar sofa baru hmm sayang plak sofa lama :p

On saturday the whole family including my MIL, BIL, sis, and idlan' cousins went to Aquaria, Mines and lastly jusco (again!). The trip to Aquaria was fun, kira okla since we managed to catch the feeding show, holds the star fish aka patrick spongebob, watched the giant sharks and stingrays swimming around above our head, etc etc. Tapi yg lawak, idlan takut ngan sumer fish2 yg besar bagak tuh hehe...adoi la anakku! We conclude the night with mkn sate. Balik rumah flat habis.

So that's it. Ahaa adik baby has start kicking, the momentum is very soft and i need to stay still and fully concentrate to feel it. Consider quite early since abg dia dulu start kick time 6-7months++ kots.
I'm gonna have xm this coming saturday, and that marks the end of the first final four paper!

03 March 2008

adik baby

1] Pagi tadi monthly check up, spt biasa bila tiba time check up mesti berdebar....fobia kes dulu masih ada dlm hati ni. Bila check tekanan, cek berat..semua tak berubah, sama je. Doc siap ckp, awak ni tak makan ke? Kengkawan dan jiran pon slalu tegur...keciknyer perut, kenape tak nampak perut lagi, dan pelbagai lah komen derang lagi...risau betul aku. Everyday tgk perut kat cermin, belek-belek and wondering kenape perut tak buncit sgt :P Makan dah pulun giler dah rasa, org lain pressure nak kurus, aku pressure nak tambah berat. Tapi malu nak ckp doctor...sebenarnyer saya tgh pulun ganti pose muhehehe

Bila scan, alhamdulillah adik baby bergerak aktif. Kejap aksi gitu, gini, doc kata dia rajin wat sommersault. Sebenarnye aku cuma nampak kepala ngan heartbeat je...lelain kurang jelas, maybe sbb aku tgh baring kot. Walhal doc tunjuk tangan, kaki, soket mata, perut....sekali tu adik baby siap bye bye lagi tangan dia hehe...sweet! EDD patutnyer 16 august, tapi scan tadi EDD berganjak ke 8 august..wah kalo betul kuar time tuh...bestnyer tarikh, senang celebrate besday skali ngan mama dia :)

Umi slalu tanye, ade beza tak pregnant kali ni dgn dulu? Rasanya sama je, except time Idlan dulu kena loya2 yg teruk sampai kes berenti MBA. Kali ni langsung takde loya2, tapi slalu sakit kepala yg cuma bley hilang bila telan ubat. Other than that, sumer ok..mkn sumer benda aku lalu..tak pernah tak lalu hehe. Ops satu lagi, pregnant kali ni tahap kemalasan aku bercambah2 bak dewa....manjang asyik tido je...mmg sgt tak produktif! Klas dah start sebulan, tapi baru sekali bukak buku teks...tu pun baca 1 page...dah tutup and TIDO. Masya Allah tak tahu kenape jadi malas sampai camni skali. Slalu ckp husband, risaula tak blajar lagi...tapi tade inisiatif nak bukak buku. Rasanya spt biasa akan jadi last minute study and apply cuti study 2-3 ari before exam.

2] Weekend lepas kami habiskan masa pegi birthday party...2 anak jiran, 1 lagi anak ofismate husband. Nampak gaya event besday di kawasan rumah kami ni dah jadi cam tradisi plak, bermula dgn besday idlan, berjangkit ke jiran depan rumah, sebelah rumah, etc. Seronok sbb semua budak2 ni lebih kurang sama baya..mak ayah pon lebih kurang baya2 kami and early 30s...so sumer boleh jadi geng yg ngam. Pegi dari satu rumah ke rumah pon segerombolan cam mak kiah. Satu lagi party tu dibuat kat McD Equine Park...siap ade mascot lagi, tapi nak jadikan citer, budak sorang ni takut ngan mascot bird yg besar tuh...so time potong kek mama ngan budak sorang ni terpaksa tgk dari jauh je, dan mama nyer tak dpt merasa kek besday. Budak tuh tak lain tak bukan Idlan! Time main games, ade game musical chair...tapi idlan dgn blur nyer ikut je bebudak lain round the chair, bila music stop..dia terpinga-pinga...hehe sian dia...kecik lagi kot, tak paham rules of the game.