24 March 2008

Cord blood stem cells

1] I watched Nona yesterday and part of the program covers on the discovery of cord blood stem cells, believed to be able to treat certain type of diseases. It is still new in Malaysia, i think less than four private companies are currently offering the cord blood banks services. The blood is taken from the newborn's umbilical cord and placenta right after birth, courier to the blood bank and is stored for future use under certain temperature. I surfed the net just now, the blood can be used to treat a number of blood and immune-system related genetic diseases, cancers, and disorders, and also for diseases usually treated with bone marrow transplants. Some of the true cases featured by one of the private banks in Malaysia revealed the success of treating patient with thalassemia, foot ulcers, and leg been amputated due to diabetic. (Just for info, a stem cell is the one that can develops other blood types in our body, namely the red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets).

The rough cost for subscribing the service, RM800 for collecting the blood and another RM250 p/annum for the storage fee. Not sure whether there's any hidden costs involved. So anyone cares to comment? u're almost welcome. I still havent search on the ethical issues underlying the storage of this cells for transplant/usage of other people....will put up the info once i've done my reading on that.

2] Im about to enter my fifth-month of pregnancy journey, and the baby has starts wriggling here n there, producing soft movements that sometimes very hard to locate. What a nice moment.....

3] Being cheeky at certain times, Idlan will call me 'Ibu' or his abah 'Ayah' followed by his mischievous smile. He'll continue addressing us like that while pleading and asking for something. When 'ibu' does not work i'll turn into 'mummy' the minutes after :p Sangat manja sekarang dan pandai buat2 merajuk :) He eats on his own now, nevertheless i've to be extra patient during n after meal times, picking up the leftovers on the floor.

4] Exam is over, and i've determined to finish up Adam Khoo's book while the time permits. We'll see if im inspired enough as Farra, striving for a financial freedom :) But one thing for sure, we will not switch to a new sofa....definitely not NOW hehe...be frugal ok! And yes tomorrow am gonna queue in for this one blue chip shares i've aiming for since the past few weeks but am just too lazy to go to TH and withdraw the money. But hey if u dont make a move do not expect the money to be rolling over in front of ur eyes like a magic :p You're no way a Copperfield arent u?

.............last but not least, am also determine to stock up the freezer with karipap and popia frozen, my hubby's favourite (off-topic sket :p) while having this 2-week holiday break!


Farra said...

yati,aku pon tgk Nona tu, tapi belum buat any survey about that

nak tanyer, kalau buat karipap tu ko simpan kat freezer agak2 boleh tahan bape lama ek? aku tak pernah plak wat gitu

buku tu aku baru kat Chap 11, mmg fail la nak ikut cabaran adam soh habehkan in 10 days :D

bukan saja sofa, skylight for car pouch pon delay dulu, frugal2

yatipruzz said...

aku skang chapt 4 hehe

aku jarang dpt simpan lama..slalu 3-4 hari dah habis. Tapi logically kalo frozen bley tahan lama, time buat tu kena pastikan hygenic :)

haha kitorang projek deco dah stop, cam tak bernafsu sgt bab tuh :p

mamselle said...

i myself aware of the medical solution since back in school (salu tgk medical show/movie & whatnots) but we only came to know of the local Co. yg offer the svc via phamplet kat hosp. yg kitorg pegi buat checkup.

stemlife msia offered silver & gold package.

silver : enrollment for single baby is MYR2K (byr cash disc. MYR100). 20yr storage is MYR 3K (kalu byr one-time) buat u may opt for MYR250/yr.

gold: enrollment for single baby is MYR2.5K (byr cash disc. MYR100). 20yr storage is MYR 3K (kalu byr one-time) buat u may opt for MYR250/yr.

*cost inclusive of collection fee + 1st yr storage fee. MYR250 tu start byr on 1st bday of ur baby.

benefits : the stored cell tu insured by these plan (1st yr free, consecutive yr renewable).

1.stemguard: MYR50K coverage(gold), renew at MYR80; MYR25K coverage(silver), renew at MYR50
*medical insurance

2.stem assured: MYR30K coverge (gold); MYR10K coverage(silver)
*money-back guarantee if the cells x viable for transplant

3.stem21:if either/both parents deceased,the bank cont. to store the cells (free) smpai anak kite 21y.o.

mamselle said...

hehe..pjg x komen aku.

anyway, the stem cells is the preferred source utk treat disease2 yg ko listkan tu as compared to bone marrow, sbb bone marrow ni % of getting a matching donor is slim :)

n if i'm not mistaken, kite bleh release the cells 4 transplant only to our baby's siblings je.

yatipruzz said...

so huda amik ke?

how about their claim saying it can treat cancerous cells?
is that proven already?

the cases i've came accross were only for ulcers and thalassemia.

ummi said...

RM800? Masa pgntkan Iman in 2004, I think it was 2.5K for collecting alone and around 200-300 for annual storage fee.

I did not do it, btw.

mamselle said...

yup, we enrolled the silver package.iallah, sbg sumber perubatan alternatif for our kids.

from wht i understand,cancer itself has its own treatment. stem cells comes in as the "rescuer" agent utk generate semula cell/darah/tissue/dna yg damaged due to chemo. logically, it works that way.local case x jumpe lg (maybe x de publish kot,lgpun mende ni baru sgt kat msia)

perhaps additional reading over the Net may help. here's one for a start : http://www.cancercenter.com/stem-cell.cfm

p/s:if u're convinced & interested to enroll, let me know k.

Fattytini said...

interested tang karipap & popia frozen. mcm mana buat tu? buat mcm resipi biasa then masukkan dalam freezer terus? atau ada cara masak tertentu?

lagi satu, menggemukkan tak? hehehe.

yatipruzz said...

resepi biasa, cuma wat bebyk, stock up lam freezer, no preservative added, hence saya x tahu thn baper lama. Rasanyer it can last for weeks kots.

popia fattytini - buh la togey, carrot,sengkuang,kubis, mix vege and a BIG NO NO to chicken ok!

popia yatipruzz- a healthy mixture of carrot, togey, sengkuang, eggs, chicken and shrimps :)))

karipap slalu wat sardin jer..malas blend daging :p

Fattytini said...

contrary to famous belief, eating chicken is good for people on healthy diet :-)

because it is white meat, and full of protein goodness. just don't eat the drumstick (red meat) and skin (this is where the fat lies within). also, watch how you cook the chicken. No frying, no coating with flour etc.

Just roast, grill or poach your chicken :-)

for more tips, just check out my weight journal from time to time :-)


Kopi Suam said...

lama dah akak tak jenguk sini...kat taman pun lama dah tak terserempak ngan yati..ada sekali tu nampak pruzz ngan idlan kat taman mainan...

semoga semuanya ok dan selamat...amin

napish said...

Hi yati,

I'm one of your silent reader. FYI we choose StemLife to keep our daughter's stem cell. It's actually very good and not as expensive as we always think. If you don't mind to give your phone no, i can let one of the StemLife people to call n explain you more. Do mail your phone no at noorizahrasol[at]yahoo[dot]com

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