06 November 2009

ad-hoc vacay

Suddenly the idea popped up when i drove to the office this morning.

Since we'll be celebrating our Raya Haji in KL, am sure it'll be good if we can go elsewhere right after 'makan2' di pagi raya tu, to just spend a night out of the bustling town...:p

Got 3 options in my list at the moment:
1. bank negara resort - should my bro wants to join
2. Tiara Beach - considering idlan loves the kids pool very much
3. The legend water chalets - never been here but based on review from its websites, ahh ku jatuh cinta pandang pertama at their range of chalets....ade jacuzzi you!

Pepe pon definitely it's going to be PD...senang dan dekat!

1 comment:

ShaFiAti said...

shud try the 3rd option..hihihi..kena book cepat..takut full...cuti skolah dah tu.. :)

i'm thinking of vacation gak during school holiday ni..tapi tak decide2 lagik..ntah jadi ntah tak..hihihi