12 February 2010

Works are piling up. I had 4 RFQs that are still pending and ongoing, all awaiting for evaluation right after the CNY holidays. User expects items to be delivered by end of Feb. I got disastrous calls from users informing another two are coming on the way, again the request is ‘quite’ urgent. My orang kanan is on a week holiday starting today, sempena majlis bertandang di rumah lelaki. On top of that I still need to attend to my old jobs, since the pengganti is undergoing an OJT till end Feb. I’m choking seriously, but surviving, and still trying to adapt to this whole new thingy.

Anyway, we’re going back to Kelantan tomorrow for the CNY…the whole clan is coming back yeszaaa my nenek sounds very happy when I called her few days ago. Dah lama tak balik sana, the last time I was there was July 2007….teruk kan! Hopefully the journey will be smooth all way long tho we foresee the heavy traffic especially at karak and gua musang area. Can’t wait to see my nenek, pekena nasi berlauk every morning, pergi shopping2 di rantau panjang, jln2 kat pantai tujuh, naik atas pasar siti Khadijah, yadaaaa yadaaa…..adussss seronoknyerrrr rasa!

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