07 December 2011


Hubby texted me yesterday confirming that he has fixed for Idlan to undergo 'berkhatan' this coming Friday at 3pm. He requested me to take half day, to accompany our eldest and sort of giving moral support throughout the procedure.

Idlan was all ok with the news. For the past few weeks we kept on asking whether he is ready for khatan or not this year. Initially he said 'no', what more with Firas shouting and telling 'firas takmo sunat firas takootttt' everytime we brought up the khatan issue. But recently upon listening to his friends' stories that has went thru the khatan, he came to us and said 'ok'.

Just now i had lunch with my usual colleagues at our pantry and tell them about the khatan story. They (the men) said khatan is one of the biggest event in any men's life apart from akad nikah. Probably we can equate this with women and labour, isnt it?

Ok so now i got the point why hubby wanted me to take half day leave :)

Btw, it's 9th Dec on Friday, and 10th is his born day. Celebrate besday dgn bersunat la nih!

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Farra said...

all the best idlan!

Mus'ab takottt ehhehe