04 December 2011

Double birthday celebration

A fruitful, and lovely weekend indeed.

We (i.e. me and SIL) threw out an ad-hoc plan to have a join birthday celebration for the kids. It was a pre-celebration for Idlan since his birthdate is actually on the 10 of Dec, while for my niece Hana, it was a post-birthday celebration (29 Nov). Had the celebration at my bro's place in Ampang. A close-knit gathering among the family members only, but we truly had a good time chit-chatting and sharing stories. Most importantly, i'd say the kids had a blast time throughout the evening. Gegak-gempita rumah abang...my mom said "ni lah rupanya kalo ade anak ramai..kecoh satu rumah :p

I planned to make a DFCC on Friday night, but a migraine attack since evening made me go to bed very early. Woke up at 4.30am with a heavy head still, and straight away went to kitchen to start baking. This cake was quite 'leceh' since it involves few steps and i knew i'm gonna take a long time to finish up the whole cake (what with ammar being around...arghh byk dugaan!).

here goes the large DFCC (1.7kg) with maltesers! Sanggup stop by at Shell just to buy those maltesers :p Made the cake at 4.30am, and only finish up at 11am (lama kan!).

This is a large buttercake made by my SIL, frosted with non-dairy whipped cream. I like the color combination, very beautiful! i can see hana really loved her cake, when we arrived at her house she kept on telling us "kite ade kek angry bird!!!". Then Firas uttered back "kite ade kek coklat bulat-bulat!!" Hahaha kids being kids, they must've been very excited when it comes to birthday thingy.

Those are calleabout dark choc button. mahal giler okes, no joke :p

the line-ups

my SIL made fried spiral pasta and mee rebus. Me brought over nothing except the cake isk isk blame it to the migrain! The mee rebus was so delish that hubby gave me a hint 'awak kena buat jugak nih'. So i asked my SIL for the recipe and guess what, she used the instant mee rebus paste rupanye...brand Adami. Sila cari ok..serius sedap, umi pun puji sedap :)

cake-cutting time!! My SIL's cake is very tall while mine is very short haha malu malu!

Front: My SIL, Hana, Idlan, Firas

Back: Huzaifah, my bro, me and Ammar

See the white cupboard behind us, that stores my bro's collection for robots, jets, etc. Hobi mahal btul mamat sorang ni :p

mamat boboiboy tu plak yg over macam la besday dia :p

super hyper after dosage of sugar :p

sorang wat aksi abuginnn, sorang wat aksi boboiboy, yg depan tu control macho hehe

ammar still blur blur

sian sofa my SIL, habis dilanyak oleh bebudak nih...sori ye sis!

my two-layer cakes..frosted with cream cheese & ganache

tadaaaaaaaaa!!! now tell me who is rajin enough to make this beautiful n striking 6-layer cakes none other than my SIL! serius tabik springgggg toingg toingggg ok. Each layer ade strawberry jam tauuu. So inilah rahsia ketinggian kek itu hehe.

For both cakes, you may refer to Rima of bisousatoi.com for the recipes...cuba jgn tak cuba :)


aida said...

Tiba2 je kek pelangi jd trend. Ada org manchester pun buat kek ni

y@tipruzz said...

Trend ke i didnt know that. But I know for sure i wont n never dare enuff to make tis cake...serius takde patient haha...

Farra said...

mmg trend skrang ni ..tak suke sgt sbb byk kaler ehehhe