03 June 2013

Geng Lunch

Aida has made a special entry for all of us over here which somehow i feel it is important for me to share some of our special shot captured during few of our lunch outing together.

@ Little Taiwan Bangsar South taken few yrs back. The girl on your right is now specky-less ok as she has just undergone a lasik procedure with Prof Muhaya..glamer gitu :p

@ Amarin MV last yr. The girl on your left is now carrying her 5th child. Haaaa come again yg ke-lima???? haha cepat sape nk lawan sila sila angkat tangan! muahaha. The one in the pink tudung is the most senior among us, but she pretty looks just at about our range (oh jgn kembang ye kakak!)

@ Amarin MV last yr bersempena bonus yg baru keluar. Nothing new with these girls except those two in the middle are currently hooked up to the 'work-out and exercise' thingy akakaka. Sibuk betul update Run Keeper depa dekat watsapps every weekend :p Yg paling kiri now selalu sibuk susah nak bersua muka, yg paling kanan adalah adik paling bongsu dlm group ini.

Time lapar sorang pon bolayan and malas pandang kamera. Inilah tabiat buruk ahli geng lunch..time lapar jgn harap nak pandang kiri kanan!

@ Basil Bangsar Village kot? First time merasa meing kam..ohh i seriously felt in love with this Thai specialties!

@ Little Taiwan. The one in the middle tgh kurus lagi tuh...jgn tertipu ni gambar lama yer hehe

@ Basil.
Peminat setia mieng kam tengah nganga mulut!

@ Sweet Chat MV. 

@ Amarin MV.

i dont hv time to write a long entry, but i think the one that i love most about geng lunch is that we love to eat, whatapps and do online shopping. Especially shawls. shawls. and shawls.

tq u ols...frens forever yer muahhhss!

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BFF forever ! ahaks