08 November 2015

Ammar's Konvokesyen Day > Tadika Nur Addin

Ammar's Big Day. Big boy already. Time flies really fast, he is now a big brother to our lil Irfan. But of course you'll still be my cutie pie, as always!

He didnt wear that official convo's robe yesterday, just not yet. Next year, God's will. Had 2 stage performance, hafazan and nasyid. I went straight to the stage and squatted down right in front when he performed, ready with the camera, and been trying to force him to smile. But this guy was so serious and stay focused all the way haishh.

Anyway he received anugerah bacaan Bahasa Melayu Terbaik 5 Tahun, alhamdulillah. Not sure how he was evaluaed though, as he is still pelat and cant pronounce 'z' correctly. Zebra becomes vebra, pizza becomes pivva, cikgu niza becomes cikgu niva..z becomes v kesimpulannya :p

Irfan surprisingly behaved well throughout the event. After having his usual porridge and a bottle of milk for brekkie inside the hall, he fell asleep in abah's arm for merely an hr+, cramp abah haha.

We love you loads Ammar Fitri. Stay happy and manja selalu will you?? Last few days he made us burst with laughter when i talked something with Firas and referred him as Amir. Ammar suddenly interrupted and say...siapa Amir??

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