15 November 2015

myBuddies Run - 5km Masked Fun Run

Done registered for the above event, for both Idlan and me. Going to be my 1st run ever, hence 5km is good enough (hoping that i wont get fainted in the middle of the run!). Idlan's presence is indeed important. I need a good buddy who is willing to share our grunts and tears, and endless mental support to each other :)

Registrstion fee is RM55/pax. Late entry fee is RM65. Event to be held on 20th Dec, starting point at MMU Cyberjaya, end point i dont even bother to know hihi.

Ok i dont know when i should start training, time is my real enemy nowadays. Obviously Idlan is more fit than me since he plays football every evening.

So mother-son run sounds cool dont u think?

Hepi weekend peeps!

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