05 March 2016

Lives life beautiful

And be grateful for all the things that we've been granted each day.

Alhamdulillah allahuakbar.

Good deeds are indeed repaid with good things. It may be small to some but meant a lot to others. Lets do more with less, trying to be better each day, and hope that we can contribute something for the benefit of others, as thats one of the reasons human is created by Allah.

Life's hectic nowadays. Idlan is busy n packed each day, so do us, at least until his big exams are over. Irfan is thriving well, improving his walking skills each day but still talk less. His operation to detach the tongue fr his lower lips was postponed last wk since he had cold n phlegm. Postpone to an unknown date, yet, which is really mind-torturing.

Ammar is showing interest reading newspaper, which is good! Firas being his usual self, hooked up to games, Chinese drama n Running Men, only stop when we warn him.

And hubby, yes that lucky guy of mine who recently won a competition organized by MAGIC just came back fr Palo Alto California for a ten-day training at the Stanford Univ. Probably the ten longest days in my life :(

Bateri kereta kong kt ofis, gas abis, firas left his school uniform, those were amongst the highlights of my days without him back at home haha. We Skyped n Whatsapp call almost each day, thnx to the technology. Me had my doze of San Franc coffee for 5 consecutive days, kasi hilang stress. But anyway he came back home with quite a number of things for me n kids, kes beli jiwa namanya :)

I wish i can write more, but i hv so many pending chores awaiting. Till then peeps, hv a blessed weekend! Insya Allah...

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