12 March 2016

Me and my baking mojo

To find a me-time in the kitchen just to bake a cake is not that easy nowadays. But the nawaitu to bake, and the never-ending wish list of cakes have always become my motivation to stay up and do some baking...at least maybe twice a month.
The aftermath, is of course so worth it.
Imagine a warm dark chocolate walnut brownies served with salted caramel sauce, and paired with our favourite Crunch ice-cream, priceless!!
I recently made a half container of salted caramel sauce, hoping that it can lasts for a month. Sedap sgtttt mkn begitu saja pon layan!
So here goes some of my recent bakes, everything revolves around brownies. I of course prefer a red velvet over anything else, but my sweety Ammar has always wanted for dark choc brownies. "Brownies mama yang paling tersedap, indulgence pon tak boleh lawan". He always said that to me. Consistently. So how can you not making a brownie even tho your heart is screaming for a rv? Haha x sampai hati ok!

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