25 March 2005

Idlan Farhan ~My Developmental Milestones~

Hmm the descriptions are taken from the SJMC's checklist book:

Around 3 months:
  • Smiles at people
  • Lifts head
  • Coos and gurgles
  • Looks at own hands with interest

~ Idlan does smiles at his mama n abah n those who likes to 'agah' him, but there were times when he smiles sorang2 even though we're not looking or talking wif him :p

~Yes, he can already lifts up his head, tapi kekadang lelong2 kiri kanan gaks

~He does produces sounds like "hooo ahhh hooo ahhhh"

~hehe i think he adores his fingers very very much...sometimes staring at his fingers with full sense of curiosity...and yg paling best...Idlan loves sucking his fingers sampai abis basah2 tangan dia :p

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