19 March 2005

Tips for a Better Husband and Wife Relationship

By Ibrahim Bowers
Source: www.ummikusayang.com

Follows are some of the helpful tips for maintaining a good marriage relationship btwn husbands n wives...so couples out there, happy reading!...ha yg belum kawin pon bley baca...consider it as advance tips for u all b4 entering the marriage world :)

~ Do not be a Tyrant
~ Be Partners in the Decision Making Process
~ Never be Emotionally
~ Be Careful of Your Words
~ Show Affection
~ Be Your Spouse's Friend
~ Show Appreciation
~ Work Together in the House
~ Communication is Important
~ Forget Past Problems
~ Live Simply
~ Give Your Spouse Time Alone
~ Admit Your Mistakes
~ Physical Relationship is Important
~ Have Meals Together
~ Be Mindful of Your discussion Topics

For more info, go to http://www.ummikusayang.com/ummikusayang/index.asp?tabpage=4&id=76&expand=Marriage%20and%20Women

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