19 March 2005

Idlan...the growing boy!

Our 3-mth old Idlan now having the ability to produce bubbles most of the time...name it small bubbles or big bubbles...dua-dua pon Idlan bley buat...and he also loves standing on his own foot (but of course with the help of his mama n abah la kan...) or to be seated on our laps watching tv and clips. And bila tgh main2 tuh saliva akan membanjiri shirts dia sampai basah...eii so cute! (tak sabar nak pi umah semah join abg Mirul basahkan umah semah hihi)

Kepala Idlan still lagik lelong2 kiri kanan...his neck still not strong enough to support his head....and that explained why recently mama ngan abah keep on giving him intensive practises like meniarapkan dia on the mattress to see to what extent he can lift up his head....hehe sian sayang mama kena torture! Bila nampak dia macam nak penat and merengek cepat2 kitorang angkat dia..then letak balik...(dlm hati Idlan sure dia pk apela nasib aku dpt such a cruel parents like both of us hehe). Another thing, Idlan loves staring at his mama singing twinkle twinkle again and again...pity him for his mama only knows to sing this song...but believes me he never get bored listening to this one..and i suppose he can already remember the rythm of the song..good good! Lagik satu, skang ni at least either of us kena ade depan mata dia...kalau ilang lama sket startla dia berbunyi...pastuh bila dtg balik depan muka dia automatic senyap balik...hai pandai betul budak nih :p (ni yg mama dia tak sabor2 nak beli patung Barney besar yg bley nyanyi/dance....bley jadik pengganti mama or abah hehe...anybody has idea how much the very big dancing Barney gonna cost me?)

p/s: my deepest credits to the creator of my lil boy ever favourite song - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star...toche toche!

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