23 April 2005

TM Wholesale Team Building

I'm really eager to share some of the stories behind the team building programme that i joined in Bagan Lalang, Sepang from 14th-16th April 2005..but due to some workloads and shortage of staffs here in 1090, have to put it on hold till now....so here are some of the things that i've learned and still can remember till now, of which i strongly believed could benefit any one of us...the employee of Telekom Malaysia..or better known as TM after the rebranding exercise.. nyeh nyehh.....

1. Malaysian people mental model/LHC

We, the Malaysian like to make assumptions and perception towards anybody that we're dealing with in our everyday lives...and those assumptions are all the things that are unsaid...and stored in our left hand column (LHC). It is suggested that all those unsaid things are better being said and throw out and clearly communicated to the 2nd party to prevent miscommunication/negative perception from the other party towards us....

Example: Say kita tgh ada conversation ngan bos, then masa tgh bercakap/berdiskusi tuh tak semua idea or things yg kita rasa nak cakap kat bos, tapi kita tak cakap n just simpan jer sbb takut bos pk hish budak ni ntah pepe la idea dia...or kite rasa tak patut cakap though sebenarnya benda tuh important..so jadikla communication breakdown..or ending up rasa tak puas hati...then kite startla buat assumptions dlm otak kiri kita...kalo aku cakap kang bos kata ape lak...or nanti bos takleh accept..or kang bos kata aku ni memandai la plaks...etc etc.....paham dak???

2. Pattern/Habits

hehe these are some of the negative patterns/habits commonly find in Malaysian/employee of TM :p

MC pattern, last minute pattern, busy body pattern, look like busy pattern (LLB), blame others pattern, urgent leave pattern, and the list goes on and on...sounds familiar rite???? ....so after attending this course, looks like there's lot of bad things about me that need to be changed...come on come on rebranding yourself yati!!

3. Negative Instructions

We must use positive instructions to educate our kids/other people to ensure they'll follow the instructions..or if not follow at least to make them understand the real meaning behind the instructions. etc:

Dont climb the tree ----> Avoid climbing the tree.

Taknak merokok -----> Merokok membahayakan kesihatan

Jangan buang sampah di merata-rata tempat ------> Silalah menjaga kebersihan persekitaran kita

Sometimes, i dont know whether u guys notice or not, the more we said dont/jangan to our kids..the more they'll intend to do all those prohibited things...so kiranya tak berkesan la kan larangan kita tuh..so why not we try to rephrase the sentence in a more positive way...hehehe

Ok guess that's all for now...actually there's a lot more to be shared here but cant remember la...time tgh type duk asyik ade interruption darik customer hehe....so happy reading and happy rebranding ourselves :)


tinidewi said...

teehee actually dah tau lama dah pasal negative instruction. kenkadang tu pening nak pikir camne nak tegur Ameer. then, nak nyebut positive instruction tu pon kena berkali-kali, baru dia nak ikut huhu. tapi kalo kata "Jangan panjat!" laju la pulak dia nak paham "Panjat!".

hai anak, anak :P

aliss said...

yang saya plak asyik dok mengenang apasal saya tak dapat NIPS. Ces! ces!

yatipruzz said...

hehe akak, saya pon dah lama tau pasal negative instruction tuh..kalo pi memana motivational course mesti depa ajar bende tuh...mujur anak saya kocik lagik..kalo cakap positive ke negative ke sumer dia tak paham :p..tapi ngan budak kecik ni body language teramatlah penting hehe...