24 April 2008

bila dah tepu....

Humm the blog has been left unattended for a while. Due to the office works plus tonnes of 'tough' assignments, cases n watnots...i easily became worn out at the end of the day...brain drain poor me huhuhu tepu sungguh help!!! How i wish to swing my magic wand and turn the day into the lovely June....yeahh the month of June where i can foresee myself goyang kaki at kampung and munching loads of chocolates bought in Langkawi muhehehhe. Oppsss a slap in my face again..wake up dear berangan je dang!

May is coming....we have B's besday and mother's day to celebrate. Deep inside i wish i could bake cakes for them...chocolate cake topped with rich blueberry and yummylicious cold whipped cream...or maybe carrot cake topped with cream cheese, my mom's favourite! Needless to say, i have class every weekend....and those special days happen to fall on weekend as well. Now don't you think i have all the concrete reason on earth to snatch one at SR? :p Sorry friends...i'm fasting today...and when fasting i couldn't help myself to stop thinking about foods and foods....plus Aini has mentioned in her blog about Paddington in MV and am start wandering on the wide array of foods offered at that place. Adui am so pathetic :(

Those investing in unit trust, you better catch the Personal Money mag this month. And i'll share my personal take on the unit trust investment later when i'm free....

And for those prefer to dump some money in stocks, you may ought to aim at plantation stocks due to its promising future and the global rising of CPO prices, plus the limited production and increase demands for crude oil. I've fared quite well in one of my selections so far alhamdulillah. But bear in mind, do your research first before investing in any investment tools. Never put your 100% trust on the agents/consultants/broker because it's your hard-earned money that we're talking, not them.

Knowledge is key :)

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Ummu Auni said...

paddington is so cool
maybe we will go there again
tapi kena careful
kalau tak hancusss dietku