14 November 2011

Eid Adha

This supposed to be a last week's entry but i keep on procrastinating to publish it till today. But what the heck i still wanna post it since i've spent so much of my time to write-save-write-save-write-save-for-how-many-times that i lose count already :p

Last weekend was indeed a fruitful one, filled with fun, laughter, ‘penghayatan’, and of course the usual and non-stop ‘makan-makan’ time. Thursday night, I was busy baking 5 brownies for ammar’s teachers, my staffs and not forgetting one to be brought back to hb’s hometown in Kedah. Friday morning as planned, we started our journey heading up to North and safely arrived at Junjung Kedah roughly around 4pm. Our car almost had an accident and hit the divider in the middle of the road after the Jelapang tunnel (betul ke jelapang eh nama terowong tu b?) but Alhamdulillah dgn izinNya hb managed to pull an emergency break and our car stopped just in time, just few inches apart from the divider phewwww! There were 4-5 cars in front of us, and the farthest one, which is white in color was the one to be blamed bec it suddenly stopped (we’re not sure whether it hits something or hv other problems) and cause the cars following behind to pull an abrupt stop as well.

2 the baked brownies and 3 chocolate bottom banana square brownies for myself, staffs and ammar's teacher at taska

nyum nyummsss

This year Raya Haji was quite special since for the first time in life I got the chance to witness the ‘sembelih lembu’ event. Sedih dan kesian pun ada but insya Allah all of them will be placed in heaven. I overhear some of the makcik2 said in Mekah the cows will not ‘meronta-ronta’ and people do not have to tie them up bec they will willingly lie down and ‘menyerah diri’ when their time come…as easy as that huh. The villagers definitely need some skill to tame the cows down, there was few occurrence where they failed to tie up the legs, the cows got angry and move forwards to the people surrounds..we in fact took few steps backwards to save our lives haha kelakar pun ade rasanya. Oh did I ever mention that for the first time in life I got bitten by a ‘lintah’. It almost reached up to my knee when I found it hoho dia sudah kenyang gilos!

As usual, bila buat korban, we will be over flooded with daging korban. So guess what we did with all the daging???



It was a homemade daging burger ok!!!!

Very delish, contains no fat whatsoever but 100% meat only. Sangat sedap yer tuan puan, plus we had put some onions, daun saderi, daun bawang, pepper and salt, so it tastes sooo good and truly different from the one bought on the shelf. Sila cuba buat yer!! Both idlan and firas walloped 3pcs at a time, myself also couldn’t stop eating one after another…ishh kesimpulannye mmg sedap gilers lah! Still hv some frozen daging back at home, so I thought of giving another rounds of homemade burger this weekend as brekkie…sounds perfect :)

Oh ayah also bought few kilos of sweet potato for us, so I need to be extra rajin this weekend and prepare loads of homemade kuih keria especially for Idlan. He loves kuih keria very much and can eat up to 10pcs at one time!! That’s my big boy, he now eats a lot and always up to something even early in the morning right after waking up from sleep he will come to me and ask..pagi ni kita makan apa mama??? Haha this boy now resembles me a lot. He loves to eat, so does his mama..mmg anak mama lah tuh!

Last but not least, here goes pic of the cousins yg membuatkan mak pak dan atok nenek dia kecoh sokmo dekat kampung. Penat nak ligan mereka ni...actually ada 2 boys lagi not in the pic, bila berkumpul sudah cukup membuatkan kami pot pet pot pet non stop :p


Ummu Auni said...

wah..lepas ni brand burger yatipruzz la :D

y@tipruzz said...

haha aku baru buat sabtu lepas...letih wehh tade food processor, nk blend tu lamat giler :p