02 November 2011

Tiramisu i luv u!

It's Wednesday already and in just 2 days time we will be leaving KL heading up to North to celebrate our Raya Haji. Can't wait to gather with my hb's family, have the usual makan2 time together, and thought of going for a picnic probably at Feringghi if the weather permits. Ahh talking about the weather, looks like the rainy season has come again. Some places even get flooded already huhu pity to those who gets affected and needs to be moved to a safer place! As for us working in KL, by the time the clock ticks 5pm, we immediately rush down to the car park to get our car, start the engine and off we go back home, praying hard that we will arrive safely and not caught in any massive traffic 'dek kerana banjir' :(

Okie dokie back to the subject title, we also had this for dessert on last weekend....on top of the delish and fudgy 'Baked Brownie'. Remember i have a 1kg of cream cheese in fridge, and i was contemplating in between tiramisu/cheese tarts/marble cheese brownies but finally i chose Tiramisu hehe!

selingan kejapsss. This was part of hb's regular 'work out' regime before indulging himself with all those sweety treats i made for him :p

This is the LadyFingers biscuit that was shown in my earlier post. It tastes sweet bec there’re some sugars on it. It soften easily when soaked in water, hence to get a nice tiramisu layer you mustn’t celup biskut tu lama2..celup kejap jer ok! I made a blunder since it was my first time using ladyfingers, as such my biscuits rasa sgt lembut/lembik…kureng sedap gitu! Actually I didn’t soak it that long, perhaps next time I just need to sprinkle the Nescafe on top of it instead of soak it.

Here we go the second step. After celup the biskut inside coffee/Nescafe, spread the cream cheese layer on top of the biscuits. Dust a lil bit of cocoa powder on it. Then you need to arrange the biscuits again, and cover with another layer of cream + cocoa powder. You may repeat the steps and have more layers of tiramisu if ur casserole is high, in my case I just repeat with 2 layers of biscuits and cream.

This is the final result. You may garnish the top with cocoa powder and chocolate curls. Nak lagi sedap, go and get some fresh strawberries/kiwi/dark berries from the shelf :) Easy peasy huh???

nyums nyumss. Serve it cold, mmg cam mkn eskrem :p

Anyway, since I still have some leftover cream cheese, I took out few muffin liners, celup and arranged my biskut Marie and repeat the above steps to have another version of smaller Tiramisu in cups! Hb said he prefers the biskut Marie version since biskut marie ni tak lembik and lembut as compared to the LadyFingers. Idlan didn’t seem to enjoy Tiramisu that much, simply bec of the coffee flavor (now I know my son detest coffee!) while Firas hits the cream only…biskut dia reject and kasik abah!! Myself? Ahhh no need my review since i am a sweet tooth person and definitely never reject anything so long as they’re sweet and soothing :)

So here goes the recipe, given by my friend Hany Fariza. Not sure the original source tho...enjoys!

Bahan cream cheese:

1 kotak kecil whipping cream

1 ketul cream cheese phildephia

1/2 cawan gula halus (sesedap rasa)

campur semua, putar sampai gebu sebati.

Bahan lapisan:

biskut marie (tiger) = boleh guna kek span or ape2 kek

4 sudu kecil nescafe

4 sudu kecil gula

air panas= bancuh nescafe-

celup biskut marie dlm nescafe & susun dlm bekas.

masukkan cream cheese satu lapis.

celup biskut marie dlm necafe susun lagi

masukkan cream cheese satu lapis lagi.
ulang proses lapisan sampai habis bahan.

*lapisan atas adalah lapisan cream cheese.

-masukkan dlm peti ais = 4 jam

taburkan serbuk koko.. potong n hidangkan.

*serbuk koko bleh campur ngan milo lagi sedap & setiap lapisan cream cheese bleh tabur serbuk koko+milo.


I didnt follow the measurement exactly..tak sukat pon measurement nescafe tuh. Some English recipe calls for a combination of cream cheese and Mascarpone cheese.


Hany FF said...

terkejut, tiba2 ada nama kiter. dah kiter nih jarang2 citer masak2 nih ;)

great kan tiramisu nih. hany pun baru beli cream cheese, igt nak buat gak. tapi lepas raya haji kot. ni sumer dah mode nak balik kg dah. ;)

y@tipruzz said...

hehe source dia wajib sebut :)
sharing is caring kan hihi
slamat hari raya haji, save journey ya!!!