29 April 2012

Amarin Thai

Ok i'm still not getting used with the new blogger settings and template. Terasa sgt lembab nak set the alignment and whatnots. Me and IT never has a good relationship all this while, ironically i am now doing IT-related commodites upon the recent realignment in my unit hoho.

Anyway we had a quick (yet big) lunch at Amarin last friday, to commemorate and celebrate the big B that we just had after all the hard works put thru last year. This time it was on Team 2, next it shall be Team 1 and Team 3's turn pulak. Wahhh we even set up several teams for this haha thanks to aida as tok ketua! I bet the twin, kak tie and zue were the most happiest person that day after the big purchase they made at Hab*b. Senyum lebar salesgirl kat situ haha

Team 1 and Team 3

Team 2. Zarid yg hepi dpt keluar after 50++ days of curfew :p
fried garoupa in sweet sour sauce, green curry beef, fried brocolli with mushroom, pandan chicken

the appetizer - mieng kam yg sedapppp!!!


geng lunch

thinking hard what bling bling to buy on next visit!

official receipt, 15% off with cimb credit card...lega!!


aida said...

15% off? wah banyak tu... tahniah sebab ada kredit kad cimb, huhuhuh :D

puterikiut said...

yati, apa yg sedap..ce share sbb akak pun mmg nak lunch kat situ jumaat ni..:)

Ummu Auni said...

yati, ku nak pinjam CC kau. nak gi beli iced blended kat bawah.

CT said...

sukala tgk korang ni p makan2...at the same time berkumpul2...

LiTtLe^m3 said...

so kak what u get for yourself?? hahaha kepoh kan.. maklumlah bonus kita lambaattttttttttttttt lagi.

y@tipruzz said...

Sumer yg kami order tu sedapp!
Baiti- Ehem biarlah rahsiaa hihi